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New Residence Hall still standing

After it's first semester of housing, the New Residence Hall is still standing. David Carpenter, Residence Life Director, has heard of no complaints with the new building. It did however have a few flaws it the early stages. Problems with the air conditioning units plagued the building for a few weeks in Sept.

Buried in the Back Pages…

Some desperate Pakistani's have found a way to become intoxicated by smoking scorpions. Users make a powder out of dried scorpion stingers then light the grindings on fire and suck in the smoke to get high. In Quetta, scorpion addicts spend their time at the cemetery where they won't be bothered by outsiders, but they do have a problem falling in to the partially dug graves after use.

Fewer classes causes problems

Registering for classes was not an easy task this semester. Scheduling for the spring semester has always been difficult but this year has more students vying for what seemed to be fewer classes. Each department has to go through a selection process trying to place certain classes in different time slots, scheduling the teachers almost as much as the students.

Campus pets are being evicted

A discrepancy in the student handbook pet policy may affect the lives of many fish on Cabrini’s campus. The fish have to go due… Read More

It’s Pumpkin Pickin’ Time

Amanda Howard Halloween is coming fast, and the pumpkin population is beginning to feel it. For hundreds of years people have been making jack-o-lanterns,… Read More

Cav of the Moment: Darlene Hildebrand

Katie Hernson Darlene Hildebrand came to Cabrini with one thing on her mind, teach the Lady Cavaliers to play basketball. It’s true, the women’s… Read More

Housekeeping, Internet and Delaware

How is it fair that housekeeping can decide not to clean your bathroom if it is too messy? Then if they do not do… Read More

~WOOD~ A Job ‘Well Done’

Katie Hernson This year the food in the cafeteria is different. OK, maybe there was no dramatic change, but you have to admit that… Read More

Second thoughts on random topics

My roommate and I get along very well most of the time, but for some reason on the first day we both stayed in… Read More

Four year’s then real life

I always thought that senioritis was just a word people made up, an excuse for being lazy. Then I became a college senior. It's not laziness so much as it is an actual affliction based on fear, being burnt out and excitement. The fear is that I won't have a job when I finally leave this school.

Women’s lacrosse 10-0 in PAC regular season

The women's lacrosse team tore through the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference in search of their sixth consecutive title. The Lady Cavs are 10-0 in the PAC and maintain an 11-4 record overall. On Wednesday, April 23, the women lost a close battle with The College of New Jersey, 15-8.

Sophomore pitcher elevates team

Cabrini softball is holding on to a 22-4 record, thanks in part to the tremendous pitching of the two young pitchers. Ange Templin, a sophomore, is doing her best to lead the team to victory and has an 11-2 record for herself. Amy Welch, a freshman, also has an 11-2 record for the Cavaliers.

Forum discusses race and gender

Race and gender are not the only issues affecting American society; social class, as well as sexual orientation, is major factors in people's lives as well. All citizens of the United States have privileges; some just have more than others. "I didn't understand whether I made the rules to the game invisible or if they were made for me," Dr.

Music to movies: Rappers as actors

What cabrini students think of Rappers in the movies

Softball forced to play eight games in six days

Cabrini's softball team has a rough schedule ahead. The team's games have been rained out frequently in the last few weeks and the April snowfall hasn't helped either. The season has to end by the 26h of April, leaving the team 16 days to play 18 PAC games.

Protesting is not worth risking your life to traffic

Note to protesters: You are not going to stop the war now that it has already started. Granted, it is a noble cause, but if you lie down in the middle of a busy street pretending to be a dead Iraqi don't be upset when someone runs you over. I know I'm insensitive, but I would rather be watching the news checking on my friends who are actually over in Iraq fighting and possibly getting hurt or killed (hopefully not), than a bunch of local activists who have gotten into trouble blocking traffic.

Threat leads to Xavier evacuation

Late Saturday morning, March 15, a resident assistant in Xavier Hall received a voice-mail threat. The threat was made by what seemed to be a computerized female voice stating, "You all better clear out of the building and maybe even off campus by 1:40 p.m.

Hate crime strikes Xavier walls

For the first time in at least three years, Cabrini College was the site of a hate crime, as the electronic records for such actions only go back to January 2000. The words "white power" and "niga" were written on the wall alongside a swastika in Xavier Hall on Feb.

Busted! Public Saftey Report

Saturday, Feb. 1 * CAC smoking violation, smoking in the room, cellophane over the smoke detector * NRH visitation violation * WDC cited for smell of marijuana, cellophane over the smoke detector Sunday, Feb. 2 * WDC 4 visitation violations * WDC raucous party in two rooms * NRH visitation violation * Young woman and boyfriend were showering together in 3rd floor women's shower Friday, Feb.


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