A final reflection

By Loquitur Editorial Board
May 8, 2024

In this, our final Loquitur issue, the editorial staff wanted to share some of our favorite memories of Cabrini, a school that’s given each of us so much. While there are countless moments from which to choose, these are the ones that stood out to us most.

Jason Fridge, Managing Editor, Podcast Editor

My favorite memory is winning the 2024 Atlantic East Championship in men’s lacrosse. The final score being in our favor was cool, but I will never forget the whole day.

Hundreds of family, friends, and alumni posted up under tents to celebrate the history of Cabrini athletics. Every person I interacted with had a smile and a great story to tell about their time at Cabrini. As we celebrated the win, the crowd stormed onto the field where we took thousands of pictures.

It was an overwhelming experience in all the best ways, but mostly I was thankful to be a part of such an amazing program. As I walked off the field for the final time, I took a second before stepping to look back and take everything in. 

After celebrating, I joined the Loquitur’s 65th-anniversary celebration. With eyeblack still on my face, I entered the mansion and was greeted by decades of Cabrini Com legends. I couldn’t be happier to have met so many awesome people. 

Jason Fridge will complete his degree at St. Joseph’s University. 

Chris Perri, Editor-in-Chief

What I’ll remember the most about my time at Cabrini is how tight-knit the communication department is. I remember coming into the department as a freshman, and not quite feeling like I belonged. I tried my best to get to know them and learn from them that year, but still, I felt like somewhat of an outsider. 

That all changed at the start of my sophomore year, when I began taking journalism and serving as a staff writer for the Loquitur. There, I found my place within the department and started to recognize how each person contributes to its work. Everyone’s skillset is truly valued and nurtured, and being around the department students and staff has been a huge help in my development both as a journalist and as a person. 

I couldn’t be any prouder or more grateful to have worked with and led this publication during the last two years. I can confidently say that coming to Cabrini was one of the greatest decisions of my life, and that’s mostly due to the classmates and teachers I’ve been so fortunate to be around during my time here. While I’m extremely sad to be leaving, I know everyone I’ve met along the way will accomplish great things in their next chapters. 

Chris Perri will complete his degree at Immaculata University. 

Brooke Protesto, Lifestyles Editor

I’ve been at Cabrini ever since I was a child, so it is hard to pick just one memory. My sophomore year, I decided to become a Resident Assistant on campus. Becoming a RA has many perks, but the job is more than just decorating bulletin boards and making door decorations. There are countless nights of staying up until 5 a.m. aiding residents when an incident occurs.

For the past two years, I became friends with so many new people. Two former ResLife employees in particular, Liz Morinelli and Foster W. Krupp, treated me more as a friend than a coworker. I became best friends with my fellow RAs Ethan Baker, Emily Lichius, and Colin Tomczak. While this year was not easy on us, we all went through it together and it made us stronger as leaders and friends. 

Brooke Protesto will complete her degree at Villanova University. 

Emily Shultz, News Editor

As a commuter, I know FOMO all too well. There’s nothing worse than a repetitious cycle of attending classes, sitting in an empty commuter lounge, and then going home. Wolfington Center disrupted this process in the best way possible. 

What sets Wolfington apart from other centers is its dedication to advocacy and community. It’s a place where everyone believes in an individual’s inherent value and wants to know you. I’ll definitely miss it and I hope I can build the same community at my new school. 

Emily Shultz will continue her education at Villanova University. 

Andrew Stovenour, Visuals Editor

One of my favorite Cabrini memories is when I changed majors from psychology to communication. I met with department chair Dr. Dawn Francis twice, once to discuss the transfer and a second time to finalize it. The second time, Professor John Doyle interrupted his own class to meet me. I immediately knew I was in the right place. 

Our time at Cabrini began and ended with hardship. From COVID-19 in 2020 to the school closing in 2024, these four years included many struggles. Despite this, the communication department was a constant highlight and came with irreplaceable friendships, experiences, and memories.

Andrew Stovenour will graduate in Cabrini’s class of 2024.

Samantha Taddei, Sports Editor

One defining memory for me happened my sophomore year of college. While other students left for summer break, softball and baseball were the last teams on campus still in season. After returning from our softball NCAA trip to Boston, both sports teams somehow ended up in the second-floor South lounge. Wearing bright blue face masks, we orchestrated a game of wiffle ball in the hallway, cheering each other with the same intensity we brought to the field.

The echo of laughter filled the empty hallways all night. It was a moment of pure joy and a spontaneous celebration of our shared love for the game and the bonds that united us as teammates and friends. I’ll never forget my sense of gratitude for the experiences and friendships Cabrini gave me. In that moment, surrounded by teammates who felt more like family, I knew that no matter where life took us, the memories we created on that day would always hold a special place in my heart.

Samantha Taddei will graduate in Cabrini’s class of 2024. 

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Loquitur Editorial Board

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