Cav of the Moment: Darlene Hildebrand

By Catharine Hernson
October 18, 2001

Katie Hernson

Darlene Hildebrand came to Cabrini with one thing on her mind, teach the Lady Cavaliers to play basketball. It’s true, the women’s team already knows how to play, but Hildebrand loves to teach.

The youngest of six children Hildebrand grew up in Conshohocken and learned quickly how to protect herself. As children the Hildebrands would practice sledding down the stairs on comforters. “One person would always end up on the bottom, that was my talent, I always came out on top.”

Now an adult Hildebrand continues to hone her defense skills by taking karate classes. She has been taking tae kwon doe for a year and a half. She is working towards a black belt, and currently has a green belt with a blue stripe. Hildebrand admitted, “I’m addicted to Tae Kwon Doe.” Tae Kwon Doe is so infectious because it teaches self-discipline, self-defense, goal setting, respect, and responsibility, all good attributes for a college basketball coach.

Hildebrand grew up with a twin sister, Arlene though they were not identical they shared many experiences. In grade school the two were as different as night and day, but as they grew older they grew closer. In college the twins had an occurrence common to many other sets of twins, they shared pain even though they were miles apart. Darlene blew her knee out at a basketball practice at Philadelphia College of Textiles, where she graduated in 1995. The same day without knowing of her sister’s condition, Arlene was unable to practice at Ursinus due to pain in her knee. After the incident the sisters became closer than ever.

Being around basketball is the big thing in Hildebrand’s life. She loves to teach the game to children and any one else who is willing to learn. She hopes to teach health and physical education to kindergarten children through eighth graders, but coaching basketball is her dream job, after years of playing she just wants to give back to the basketball community. Her face lights up when she tells of the joys of coaching. Hildebrand said, “It’s such a rush when you see a child click, when you just see that they get it.”

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Catharine Hernson

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