Welcome to Talk 59, the podcast for the Loquitur, the student run newspaper at Cabrini University. Tune in every two weeks to listen to our reporters and editors discuss the top stories of the Loquitur, pop culture, and more. Spend some time with host, Lashay Smith, and other staff members of the Loquitur on Talk 59. 


Freshman Find Family on and Off the Field

Belinda Hedden joins the show for our first SEAL Shpeal, giving us a look inside the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership which plans events around Cabrini. We discuss her role as orientation leader and eventually orientation coordinator for the last two years. We then overview what the SEAL office goals are for the 2023-2024 school year and characteristics of a good event. Follow @cabriniseal on Instagram to stay up to date on their latest event! 3:35-21:27

Jake Radar comes on to talk about his recent story “Women’s soccer: freshman athletes making the most of their opportunity”. We dive into his interview process, details that didn’t make the final print, and the reaction that he hopes his audience will have when reading the story.

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