Buried in the Back Pages…

By Catharine Hernson
December 6, 2001

Some desperate Pakistani’s have found a way to become intoxicated by smoking scorpions. Users make a powder out of dried scorpion stingers then light the grindings on fire and suck in the smoke to get high. In Quetta, scorpion addicts spend their time at the cemetery where they won’t be bothered by outsiders, but they do have a problem falling in to the partially dug graves after use.

Are you serious?

A lawsuit was filed against a QuikTrip gas station in Edwardsville, Ill. after Dorothy M. Williams slipped and fell on a banana peel. She is suing the station for injuries to her back and knee.

Too stupid to be dangerous

Stephen Millhouse’s attorney defended him by saying that his client was too stupid to be dangerous, after breaking into a woman’s apartment to ask for sex. Millhouse was turned down, but then asked for a date. The woman finally gave him her phone number just to get rid of him. When he later called her to ask her out again, she called the police and arranged for his arrest. When on the witness stand Millhouse was asked, “Do you really think she wanted to see you again?” Millhouse’s answer was, “I didn’t know for sure. That’s why I called.” After the trial, Millhouse was convicted of burglary in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Catharine Hernson

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