Eleven minds, one mission

By Loquitur Editorial Board
May 2, 2024

The spring semester brought with it a new challenge for the Loquitur newsroom: we were left with 11 total staff members. In addition to the reporters who transferred from Cabrini before the start of the school year, we lost five reporters and three editors over winter break. Despite our low numbers, our staff continues to produce quality work, win awards (this week alone: one first prize, two second prizes and an honorable mention at the Keystone Media Awards), and tell the stories that matter the most. 

Redesigning the print

Toward the end of the fall semester, we collectively agreed that the overall design of the paper needed to be changed. It wasn’t very visually engaging, and it wasn’t something we felt would make passersby stop and pick up. We took it upon ourselves to study what we liked and disliked from other newspapers and create ideas from that. It was difficult because we were limited on time and resources, and there was a point where we asked ourselves, “Is this even worth it?” But of course, it was; creating the best paper we can is always worth it to honor the previous 65 years behind us, and to make something uniquely our own. 

Personnel changes

With students choosing to move on to new schools or graduating, we were left with vacancies at key positions. Down to just four second-year editors and the smallest staff our newsroom saw in a half-century, everyone had to step up to keep our operations running smoothly. Select first-year staff writers were promoted to fill gaps as editors, helping to manage story progress and designing pages for layout. Instead of having an entire semester to serve as understudies for the editorial staff, these writers jumped right in and learned the ins and outs of the newsroom overnight.

On top of some staff members taking on new roles, there was an intense focus for everyone on getting stories turned around in time for layout nights. Some weeks were much harder than others, but our staff always found a way to get quality content published and printed.

A positive impact

The work we’ve been able to produce with our small staff has yielded extremely positive feedback from the community, particularly from alumni. Our stories are routinely shared on social media, where they consistently receive praise. Our work has also sparked conversation and questions from alumni who are more curious than ever to find out why the school is closing. It’s rewarding to see the work we’ve put in actually make an impact on the way our audience thinks and feels about the school’s situation; our job is to keep the community informed and seeing the real results of that helps us tremendously.

One thing we all agreed on was that despite our low numbers, the quality of our work could not slip.  Because of this, we had to be very deliberate about the stories we chose and who would be the best to take them on. Having a small staff didn’t stop us at all from covering the most important stories, and we’ve been able to print 10-page papers, the maximum number of pages we can have.  

Reflecting on 65 years

As we reflect on the 65th anniversary of our beloved Loquitur, we are reminded of our incredible journey. In the face of adversity, conflict, and ethical challenges, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to upholding the values and traditions that have defined the Loquitur for the past six and a half decades. Our resolve to persevere, to adapt, and to do the best we can with the resources we have, is a testament to the indomitable spirit of this publication. 

As we prepare to bid farewell to Cabrini at the end of this year, let us remember that while our numbers may be few, our passion for journalism, our dedication to our readers, and our commitment to honoring the legacy of the Loquitur burns brighter than ever. This 65th anniversary edition stands not only as a celebration of the past, but as a testament to the resilience, perseverance, and unwavering spirit of the Loquitur staff, both past and present.

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Loquitur Editorial Board

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