~WOOD~ A Job ‘Well Done’

By Catharine Hernson
October 4, 2001

Katie Hernson

This year the food in the cafeteria is different. OK, maybe there was no dramatic change, but you have to admit that there is a whole lot more to choose from.

Over the summer Wood Dining revamped the menus to accommodate more variety at both lunch and dinner. The new theme for the cafeteria is “Market Place.” The idea for this was to give students a wider array of choices on a daily basis. The menus may repeat more often than last year, but the everyday selection will be better. Students have noticed the change in styles at the cafeteria. Mel Klaus, a junior sports science major, noted, “The variety that they have had has been good, like crab cakes, beef ribs, and the roasted chicken.”

Also new this year is the “Red Hot chef” action station in the cafeteria. There is a “Red Hot chef” at lunch and dinner making food to order at lunch and dinner every day. According to executive chef, Steven Brisgone, “The “Red Hot chef” will put together salads, hoagies, and stir fry. He also may do the carved turkey and pork.” All you have to do to find the “Red Hot chef” is look for the bright “Red Hot jacket.”

The cafeteria is not the only kitchen to get a makeover this year. The food court also has something brand new for 2001. The theme there is “Market Fresh,” meaning the food is made to order. There is a full deli bar with a new choice of three different cold cuts: turkey, ham, and roast beef. You can just pick up a pre-packaged salad or sandwich also. With the salads there is new low calorie dressing.

The biggest change is the new “Asian Sensation” menu. Every day there is a cook making stir-fry. The students have a choice of chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp with mixed vegetables and in true Chinese fashion bamboo shoots and water chestnuts. Thai and peanut sauce can accompany your cuisine and for those vegetarians on campus there will always be a meat free meal at the food court.

As the “Asian Sensation” progresses the Wood Dining staff will try edgier meals, such as Lo Mien, fried rice, and egg rolls. When asked how the new Chinese bar was progressing Benjamin Dunn, manager of the food court, responded, “Not as much as I’d like.” He feels the students just need to try the new food. But don’t worry there will still be the same old chicken fingers and burgers that made the food court famous.

New variety and better food in the cafeteria and food court are a welcome change on campus. Krista Stella, a sophomore psychology major, said, “I think that the food has been very good lately. Honestly, it’s been much more healthy. It looks appetizing on a more regular basis, except on the weekends.”

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Catharine Hernson

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