A wild goose chase

By Colin Tomczak
May 7, 2024

Around 8 pm on May 1, students discovered a baby goose alone on Cabrini University’s campus. This wasn’t the first time this gosling was sighted.

Alone in the dark

The abandoned gosling walking around in the lobby of Woodcrest. Photo by Emily Lichius.

There were sightings of the trespasser earlier that day. However, once it started getting dark outside passersby grew worried about the gosling’s safety. Leany Santana, a freshman criminology major, found the gosling while walking back to Woodcrest with a few friends. “It was getting late and we didn’t see any other geese around. I ended up picking it up and headed to Woodcrest,” she said.

When she got to Woodcrest, Santana encountered the RAs on duty, Cecilia Canan, a senior design management major,  and Emily Lichius, a sophomore writing major. Santana explained the situation to the RAs, who called Public Safety. “We sat in the lobby for an hour-and-a-half with this baby goose while we waited for Public Safety to check around for the goose’s family,” Lichius said.

A new family

Public Safety contacted Wildlife In Need, an volunteer organization dedicated to helping lost or injured animals, who came to Cabrini once before when a bat was found in the mansion. The gosling, along with Santana, the RAs, and Captain Diana Pohl of Public Safety, waited around in the lobby of Woodcrest for the W.I.N. representative.

When the W.I.N. representative arrived, they placed the gosling in a box to transport it. DJ Diallo, director of Public Safety, searched for the rest of the gosling’s family, but was unable to find them. The gosling was pronounced abandoned and W.I.N. will find the best course of action for its care. “They’re most likely going to find it a different home, or find a shelter for it to grow and be released on its own,” Diallo said.

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Colin Tomczak

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