Housekeeping, Internet and Delaware

By Catharine Hernson
October 11, 2001

How is it fair that housekeeping can decide not to clean your bathroom if it is too messy? Then if they do not do a good job cleaning you cannot tell them not to come back. My bathroom has not been really cleaned since I got here, and that was a week and a half before school actually started. It is a good thing that I live with girls who like to keep things neat, because if I did not I might yak every time I went into the bathroom.

The Internet sucks this year. Ever since the school hooked up with Drexel it has been ridiculously hard to check e-mail. I thought the merger was supposed to help, when all it did was cause more problems. People work for the school as information technology repairmen do not do anything and get paid for it. And my Internet still does not work.

We bombed Afghanistan. I kind of knew that we would but I was thinking it would happen sooner. I was getting my hopes up thinking that there would be no war, but now it is inevitable.

I am from Delaware, home of tax-free shopping, and that is apparently all my home state is good for. It is not true though; there are plenty of good things going on in the First State, like. umm. Ok, it is true, sorry.

Last week I let my mom read my article and she got mad at me for remembering the city as smelling of “asphalt and drugs.” She’s right that’s not all the city smells of.

I grew up in a nicer neighborhood, and there was always some one with a barbeque or a fire going. I was able to sit out on my front porch and talk to people as they walked by with their kids or dogs or both. But what I said was honest. When I came home from basketball practice around seven p.m. and had to walk through the ghetto to get home there was definitely a strong odor of hot road and marijuana.

Weekends on campus are not a good time to eat. The cafeteria is never open when it needs to be, and the Wigwam isn’t available at all. Brunch and a shortened dinner service is not a very nice way to treat the residence who either can’t or don’t go home all the time. If the school is really trying to save some of the 8000 plus dollars a year we spend to live and eat here then just have the Wigwam open all day and shut the cafeteria down for the whole time, or an even better idea just keep the hours the same and stop the confusion.

I feel that I should end on a more positive note. I really like my room at the new dorm. I have lots of sunlight and fresh air. My “pod” is the coolest, we all have so much fun with each other its scary. There is no better feeling than knowing that you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors with obnoxious guitar playing or loud music, because they do the same things to you.

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Catharine Hernson

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