Protesting is not worth risking your life to traffic

By Catharine Hernson
March 27, 2003

Note to protesters: You are not going to stop the war now that it has already started. Granted, it is a noble cause, but if you lie down in the middle of a busy street pretending to be a dead Iraqi don’t be upset when someone runs you over.

I know I’m insensitive, but I would rather be watching the news checking on my friends who are actually over in Iraq fighting and possibly getting hurt or killed (hopefully not), than a bunch of local activists who have gotten into trouble blocking traffic. You have a valid reason to protest, its just that it’s a bit late now. The only group I’m okay with having demonstrations are the people who rally to support the troops fighting. I don’t like the idea of war any more than the next person, but enough is enough, look at what happened in Vietnam.

Too many people get hurt by the protests, not only the protesters, but also the families and friends of people who are over seas. I’m sure that we all know a friend-of-a-friend in the military, so act like it. Be concerned, be thankful that you aren’t there, be thinking of how great life will be when the war is over, don’t tell the government to end it prematurely or else it destroys the whole reason we started in the first place.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I respect people’s opinions and I think everyone should have a chance to be heard. I’m just tired of sitting down to find out the details of who got blown up lately to see that some kid with a placard is in the middle of Market Street about to get hit by a mack truck and the cops sitting on the sidewalk in their riot gear waiting for something to happen.

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Catharine Hernson

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