New Residence Hall still standing

By Catharine Hernson
January 31, 2002

Katie Reing

After it’s first semester of housing, the New Residence Hall is still standing. David Carpenter, Residence Life Director, has heard of no complaints with the new building. It did however have a few flaws it the early stages. Problems with the air conditioning units plagued the building for a few weeks in Sept., and recently there have been a few problems with the heat.

Other than the regular new building bugs the NRH is holding up well. “I, personally, think the NRH is holding up very well, as far as I can tell the residents are content.” Jamie Matozzo, senior resident assistant, said.

According to Carpenter, the building is well up to the challenge of housing around 170 students. The facility and the furnishings are being kept looking new, and there are a lot of new toys to play with. Every pod’s lounge in the building has been outfitted with a cable TV, save the Main Lounge on the second floor. The lounge was originally designed to have a TV, but then it was decided that it should not. As of now there is a TV waiting to go in, but it is not high on the priority list.

The Residence Life staff working in the building is also enjoying the new hall.”It’s a livable building, but it has its flaws.” Randi Kuhn, senior RA, said. For example one of the pods she is the RA for has a leak in the sink. It can be a good experience though. “I like living here because it is a good group of residents. It’s a diverse group and that makes it more enjoyable.” Matozzo, said.

Students living in the building are enjoying it so far. “I like living here because the building is not confining, there is a lot of room to move around. Also it’s a new building so everything is kept clean, most of the time.” Antonio Masone, sophomore, said.

Some residents are not that thrilled about the living conditions. “I think they need to put soap and paper towels in the bathrooms, and clean the bathrooms better,” Mandi Lutner, sophomore, said.

For the most part students are pleased with their rooms and the people surrounding them. “I like the rooms, they are nice and big. The bathrooms are good too, I like that they are separate, not group showers like I’ve seen at other colleges. I’m only a freshman, so I want to live in this place again next year,” Will Harmon, freshman, said.

The NRH is home to nearly 170 students this year. No major problems have occurred and most students are happy with their living situation. After one semester, the building remains nameless, but livable just the same.

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Catharine Hernson

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