Performing Arts Showcase

Cabrini’s sixth annual Performing Arts Showcase, organized by the visual and performing arts department and the XMusica Society, brought together a variety of musical… Read More

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Cabrini’s ‘Battle of the Decades’ dance strikes nostalgic chord

On Friday, Feb. 16, Cabrini’s Grace Hall became a time machine. Participants who attended the “Battle of the Decades” dance were taken back to… Read More

Envisioning 2024 with SEaL

On Thursday, Jan. 25, the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, SEaL, hosted a fun-filled vision board-making event on campus. The purpose of the… Read More

Breaking Boundaries: how ‘The Sopranos’ redefined television

Twenty-five years ago, HBO made television history when the pilot episode of the hit series, “The Sopranos” aired. During its run from 1999-2007, many… Read More

Lack of students ruins open mic night 

On November 7, an open mic night, usually a popular event, was supposed to happen in The Grill. This event was hosted by Cavalier… Read More

Cabrini bids farewell to ‘Merry Little Christmas’ tradition

“Merry Little Christmas” was a beloved daylong tradition at Cabrini for many years. However, this year saw its final run on December 3.  Dr.… Read More

Game on, stress off

In 1958, the first video game was invented. William Higinbotham, who was a physicist, invented this simple tennis game called “tennis for two”. This… Read More

Cabrini community embraces diverse holiday traditions

With the holiday break approaching, Cabrini students and faculty will have a month long break for some much–needed personal time. This break gives Cabrini… Read More

Center on Immigration has a new partnership

Cabrini’s Center on Immigration has a new partnership with the Free Migration Project. The Center on Immigration is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization, whose mission… Read More

Social Nexus carries on despite closure

A digital success story. An agency that navigates closure with resilience. Social Nexus strives to understand social media’s impact on the public, and with… Read More

Sweet and educational: Fall in Love with Books

On Friday, November 17, students wrapped up the fall season with an event put on by the Student Government Association called “Fall in Love… Read More

Coming your way

by Jennifer Devereaux staff writer On and Off-Campus Events Dec. 1 Movie marathon at 8 p.m. in the Widener center lecture hall. Dec. 2… Read More

Surfing around for fun

by Jessica Giordano assistant a&e editor Cruising the information superhighway can be more frustrating than fun most of the time. So many websites are… Read More

The 12 days of Christmas come to Cabrini

by Kate Pelusi staff writer It’s about that time of year again. Yes, my holiday friends, the 12 days of Christmas at Cabrini are… Read More

Build a bear, build a dream

Justine Difilippo by Justine Di Filippo staff writer There is a new way to give a gift with a personal touch this year. A… Read More

Cabrini Alumnus: Spencer made the grades, now makes the job

Anita Pirri by Gabrielle Beltran staff writer Have you ever wondered who sits behind the desk in the first office of the Admissions office?… Read More

Cavalier of the moment: Jess Huda makes the save

Stacey Hanby by Kendra Clark staff writer Believe in yourself and anything is possible. These are the words that senior Jess Huda, this week’s… Read More

Philadelphia and Pennsylvania to Recognize Falun Dafa

Media Release: Philadelphia and Pennsylvania to Recognize Falun Dafa For its contributions to the health, well-being, and inner peace of Pennsylvanians across the Keystone… Read More

Blink 182 has a new show

by Matthew Tholey assistant features editor Comedians or musicians, Blink 182 has done it again. Their fifth CD, “The Mark, Tom and Travis Show… Read More

A new legacy of evil live

by Shanna Lynn Fanelli a & e editor And you thought Halloween was over. The end of October only means the beginning of another… Read More

Coming your way

by Jennifer Coots assistant perspectives editor On and Off-Campus Events  Nov. 16 and 17 Freshmen registration for spring semester in the Registrar’s office… Read More
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