Cabrini Alumnus: Spencer made the grades, now makes the job

By Gabrielle Beltran
November 30, 2000

Anita Pirri

by Gabrielle Beltran

staff writer

Have you ever wondered who sits behind the desk in the first office of the Admissions office? The office belongs to Charlie Spencer, a Cabrini Alumnus, who was hired as an admissions counselor.

Spencer was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is an only child. He moved to Bay Village, Ohio, and decided that he was going to go to college and make a career out of the military. Spencer chose Valley Forge Military Academy as his future educational mission. While studying there Spencer then became familiar with Cabrini College, and decided to transfer. Spencer majored in political science and graduated from Cabrini in 1999.

Before he graduated, he decided to complete an internship for the admissions department, and then after graduation he was offered a full time job.

Spencer is now in charge of International students, and he also deals with first-time freshmen. He really likes his job because “I don’t just sit behind a desk all day. I get to travel, I get to meet a lot of people, and I interview prospective students and their parents.” Spencer was recently in Puerto Rico on a business trip.

For fun, Charlie likes to hang out with his friends Ryan, Chris, Dave, Mike, and the Muller brothers. He is really thankful to have met them his junior year, when he first moved in to House 5, because they made his transition a lot easier. Charlie believes that without his friends, Cabrini would have never felt like “his home away from home.”

When Charlie is not working hard, or hanging out with his friends, you can find him watching the Cleveland Indians, or his favorite movie, Field of Dreams. Charlie “Chuck” Spencer also wants to thank his grandparents for making it possible for him to continue his education and go to college. Spencer also added, ” I want to thank my mother who made me #1, and herself #2.”

Charlie also gives praise to Dr.Hedke, and Dr.Girard for advising him, and always being available to him. “They really helped me get my classes and schedule together after transferring,” he explained.

Steve Colfer, an assistant director of admissions and colleague of Spencer, enjoys his company, “Charlie really livens up the office. He makes work enjoyable every day, and he is a great person, and he does a great job here, however, I taught him every thing he knows.”

When Joanne Morrone, a student ambassador in the admissions office, was asked what she thought of Mr. Spencer and his work ethics, she replied, “Charlie is always willing to help others and give 110% in efforts.”

Spencer not only works in the admissions office, he also works in the Dixon Center as one of the front desk supervisors. Spencer is going to continue his studies and go to graduate school part time for education starting in the spring. It just goes to show that good things happen to hard-working, generous individuals.

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Gabrielle Beltran

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