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By Jessica Giordano
November 30, 2000

by Jessica Giordano
assistant a&e editor

Cruising the information superhighway can be more frustrating than fun most of the time. So many websites are littered with advertisements and occasionally the information on these sites is completely useless. I set out to search the Internet for some fun, interesting sites that are often not a waste of time.

For the unlucky in love there is plenty of support on the web. Whether that support is helpful or not is debatable. I found two sites that I thought might be helpful to our lovelorn readers.

The first is, where you can “find out if the feeling’s mutual-with no risk of rejection.” ECRUSH is an attractively designed website that acts as a matchmaker for those shy, introverted types. Here are the steps involved: 1) Sign up with eCRUSH and tell them who you like. 2) If you know that person’s email address, eCRUSH will send that individual a message informing them that someone is interested in them. 3) The site then invites that person to sign up and express who their crush is. 4) If that person lists you as a crush then eCRUSH matches you up, but if they do not list you then they never find out who sent the message in the first place. It is easy and free of embarrassment. This site also gives you the opportunity to discover which Backstreet Boy is your soulmate. I was happy to learn this since it is a question that has plagued me for years.

Another romance-related website that I found to be worthwhile was The purpose behind SoSuave is to give men advice about picking up women. This page offers tons of advice on endless topics. Some of the tidbits include: how to approach women in bars, how to ask for a phone number and how to know if a woman is attracted to you. The site invites you to subscribe to the “Don Juan Newsletter,” where you can receive free Rico Suave advice every other week. Although this site does not apply to me directly, as a woman I thought that the advice on this site was pretty accurate and liable to work if done correctly. So go for it, boys.

If your future career is on your mind more than your love life, then there are many websites out there for you. One particular career site that I have found to be helpful is This is an extensive career website that contains useful information. WetFeet has job and internship listings, tips about job hunting and advice about resumes. What is really cool about this site is that you can read a profile of an individual in a career of your choice or find out what the average salary is for the position you are interested in. I like this site a lot because it is clearly designed and it is not saturated with ads. is also a website devoted to careers and self-discovery. Here you can take a personality quiz that will inform you of your “thinking,” “working” and “emoting” styles. After completing the test, the site goes on to explain what jobs and working conditions would be ideal for your personality type. The quiz was interesting to take and it might be helpful if you are confused about your future.

Impressing friends with good jokes is something we all enjoy and there are numerous websites to choose from on this topic. I spent a ridiculous amount of time evaluating jokes on the web and many of them are not worth visiting. However, I did find a few that made me laugh out loud. One such site was This site has various categories of jokes, including lawyer, religious and dirty. The religious jokes were particularly hilarious. They also have links to “idiot stories” and the Darwin awards, which both provide more amusement. While on I was distracted by the personality and stupidity quizzes that they feature. According to them, I’m not so smart, but I do have a charming personality. was also a decent joke site. This site again features various categories of jokes to choose from, but the humor is more concentrated on real life buffoonery rather than made up jokes. Poorly translated signs from around the world, real headlines and student paper bloopers are all featured here. The funniest article on this site was a book review of The Cat in the Hat done using Freudian analysis. Very funny.

So if you want to waste some time and avoid those big projects that were due yesterday, here are some websites to check out.

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Jessica Giordano

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