Social Nexus carries on despite closure

By Seamus Feeley
December 5, 2023

Photo via Social Nexus Instagram.
Photo via Social Nexus Instagram.

A digital success story. An agency that navigates closure with resilience. Social Nexus strives to understand social media’s impact on the public, and with this background of research they cooperate with organizations around them to produce content for social media. In return the student-members gain experience and Cabrini organizations prosper. The hard work and dedication the members put into their agency has made Social Nexus a tour de force in Cabrini’s digital environment.  

The current pre-closure state of Cabrini is a different atmosphere than when the agency was founded two years ago, yet it continues to run at full pace with the same work ethic it always had.  

Ethan Baker, a senior digital communication major and Social Nexus member, along with Dr. Nune Grigoryan, assistant communications professor and advisor of Social Nexus, offered some insight behind the team’s scenes and screens. 

Who they are 

The members behind Social Nexus provide a service for Cabrini organizations by helping them produce content for different social media platforms.

Taken from the Social Nexus instagram page

Baker said the production of content depends on how the team can extend themselves to each of the respective clients. Clients in this case are Cabrini organizations, the purpose of establishing them as customers forms a connection to real world applications that prepares the members for future careers.

Grigoryan reaches out to the clients; the members pick which ones they should work with based off the resources they have; then they divide the work amongst themselves to produce social media content for their clients.

Examples of the content they help produce are seen on the Cabrini Cupboard’s Instagram page, which the agency runs. With 123 followers, each week content is created with updates about food in the Cupboard, different recipes, and promoting ways people can donate to the organization.

As of now the agency is connected with five other organizations: Laurel House, a worldwide organization whose goal is helping survivors of domestic violence; Cabrini Cupboard, a donation-based pantry offering free food to students; Cabrini’s Children’s School, a kindergarten staffed with teachers certified in early childhood education; and Social Nexus’ own social media page. 

Grigoryan believes the agency’s student-members are more than fit for the job, because along with her assistance, the students most likely had one to three prior classes about social media.

Photo via Social Nexus Instagram.

“For the students who are part of it, they are the ones who create the content, or who provide the consultancy, I only advise them,” Grigoryan said. 

Baker has been a member of Social Nexus for two years. “I’ve just always been interested in social media and how all of that plays a role in communication and marketing,” he said. He has enjoyed his time with the program, the environment is engaging and he feels their work has an impact.

“What’s really special is we help people who might not be able to pay for that kind of work,” Baker said

Social Nexus is a young agency. But in its brief existence, the effort they put into helping their clients, despite the small crew, boosts Cabrini organizations notoriety in a digital scope. 

Finishing off strong

“Just because we can see our end date doesn’t necessarily mean we have to stop what we’re doing,” said Baker. The relationship between Social Nexus and its clients has not been damaged by the news of closure, so the students see no need to end their efforts. Nothing has changed for Social Nexus since news of its closure except for its members. Previous years the class has had up to 11 students, but even with only five this semester the agency continues to triumph. Seems the relationship between the members, and Grigoryan, whom Baker praised, is enduring and trusting, especially with the large workload for such a small team. 

Grigoryan said its future will live on through the knowledge its members have gained from the program, and how they will apply it to opportunities that come their way.

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Seamus Feeley

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