Performing Arts Showcase

Cabrini’s sixth annual Performing Arts Showcase, organized by the visual and performing arts department and the XMusica Society, brought together a variety of musical… Read More

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Embrace country music’s authentic “renaissance”

Following the release of her latest country singles, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” dropped on March 29. While “Renaissance” danced… Read More

Cabrini’s faith revival

Cabrini University celebrated its commitment to faith and spirituality on Tuesday, April 9, during a faith revival event organized by Cabrini Campus Ministry. The… Read More

Mother Cabrini’s mission on the big screen

Rescuing children from the sewers in which they resided, being a victim of arson, and dealing with racially motivated hate. These were just a… Read More

Easter events: celebrate the season in Wayne

With Easter just around the corner, students are gearing up for a season filled with excitement and community gatherings. Various events are popping up… Read More

Cavalier Radio host Paul Monte returns

Cavalier Radio, the well-known radio station at Cabrini University, recently hosted its first “Cavalier Radio After Dark Alumni Show.” This show, which went on… Read More

Cabrini’s ‘Battle of the Decades’ dance strikes nostalgic chord

On Friday, Feb. 16, Cabrini’s Grace Hall became a time machine. Participants who attended the “Battle of the Decades” dance were taken back to… Read More

Envisioning 2024 with SEaL

On Thursday, Jan. 25, the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, SEaL, hosted a fun-filled vision board-making event on campus. The purpose of the… Read More

Breaking Boundaries: how ‘The Sopranos’ redefined television

Twenty-five years ago, HBO made television history when the pilot episode of the hit series, “The Sopranos” aired. During its run from 1999-2007, many… Read More

Lack of students ruins open mic night 

On November 7, an open mic night, usually a popular event, was supposed to happen in The Grill. This event was hosted by Cavalier… Read More

Cabrini bids farewell to ‘Merry Little Christmas’ tradition

“Merry Little Christmas” was a beloved daylong tradition at Cabrini for many years. However, this year saw its final run on December 3.  Dr.… Read More

Radiohead reshapes sound

by Michael A. Kazanjian assistant a&e editor If rock had died, Radiohead didn’t attend the funeral, for Radiohead are the saviors. Cut and dry.… Read More

Coming your way

by Jenine J. Ikeler assistant photography editor On Campus Events  Nov. 9 Is Karoke Night from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. midnight in… Read More

Not Orville’s pop brand

by Stacey Hanby by Stephanie Masucci managing editor The life of an Oscar winning director can be tough. The affairs, the paychecks, the models… Read More

Cavalier of the week: Fisherowski finds success in public relations

Michelle Palandro by Michael A Kazanjian assistant a&e editor Optimism is the key and Karen Fisherowski has found the lock. This new Cabrini employee… Read More

Campus lighting, security assessed on light walk

by Joe Holden editor in chief The administration is concerned that there are not enough lights and emergency call boxes on campus. “In the… Read More

BE PREPARED Old man winter is a coming

The recent chill in the air might have you reaching for your favorite sweater or flannel PJs, but perhaps you should be thinking about… Read More

Our very own Saint

. . from that moment I was no longer of the earth . . . I knew the Holy Ghost had come to me,”… Read More

The fall formal review: A shakey success

Lights brightened the dance floor and the formal was over, but those who survived lingered around to talk to old friends, new friends or… Read More

Cavalier of the week:

Michelle Palandro by Michael A Kazanjian assistant a&e editor Optimism is the key and Karen Fisherowski has found the lock. This new Cabrini employee… Read More

The cooking club: heating up again

Stacy Hanby by Marianne McKim assistant features editor You’re looking around for something to eat. You find nothing. You don’t think you can force… Read More
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