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COVID-19 is affecting summer plans

Many people are reconsidering their summer plans due to the coronavirus. Ideas that they thought about doing during the summer, might have to be… Read More

Should stores hire people to work during the COVID-19 outbreak?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has brought up a mysterious question that many people are critically thinking about. That question is about if stores… Read More

Acts of kindness during the COVID-19 outbreak

The coronavirus has been tough for everyone to deal with, ever since it took away the ability for people to interact with friends in… Read More

Math professor found his passion in life and hopes that his students can too

Because mathematics is a core requirement, many students come in contact with the chair of the math department, Dr. John Brown. Brown has been… Read More

Room selection process and how people get informed about it

It’s that time of year again when college students have to figure out where they want to live on or off-campus. Students have to… Read More

Why exercise plays an important role in your health

“Early on in my life, I got a lot of the necessary exercise I need without even noticing,” Josh Cunningham, junior exercise science and… Read More

Cabrini’s women’s lacrosse team is preparing for their upcoming season.

It’s that time of year when the women’s lacrosse team is preparing for their upcoming 2020 season. The team had a successful season in… Read More

Athletic teams build strong foundation playing against non-conference teams

Coaches are always preparing their upcoming season of competition due to the strength level of their opponents. They usually look to schedule to compete… Read More

Women’s basketball’s Lannon named AEC Player of the Week for 3rd consecutive week

Kate Lannon, junior forward, has been named the Atlantic East Conference  Player of the Week for three consecutive weeks. Lannon over these past three… Read More

Philly Sports Mascots: How I feel about them

When it comes to mascots of Philadelphia sports teams, you can definitely see that some people are in favor of some over others. This… Read More

Brianna Blair awarded MVP for Atlantic East playoffs

When it comes to sports, people always ask about who significantly stood out in the competition. This could be anyone who participated in the… Read More

The importance of families within athletics at Cabrini

When it comes to sports, people first think that athletes want separation from their families and only be around their teammates and coaches. Well… Read More

“Bite” and how it’s useful for student’s food intake

Has there ever been a time when you’re told about something and wonder if it’s worth it? This question could cover a wide variety… Read More

Halloween candy and the importance of it

This is the time of year when people are excited to stock up on candy on Halloween night. Kids are also planning their route… Read More

Boy Scouts of America Organization, helps people dealing with tough times

Has there ever come a time when something in life prohibits you from continuing activities that you really love? My example is playing organized… Read More

Wacky college majors that relate back to ones at Cabrini University

Why do people always asks students who are just starting college about what major they are planning to pursue? Do these people think that… Read More

Student’s usage and habits of their money in college

A common problem for college students is to figure out how they will pay for materials they need. This could include food and room… Read More

Freshmen’s thoughts on their first semester of college

College is most often a time when you are starting to figure out what is your goal or purpose in life. Freshmen are usually… Read More

Chick-fil-A Versus Popeye’s Sandwich Debate

  The fast-food franchises of Chick-fil-A and Popeyes are in a debate about which one of their chicken sandwiches is better. This started to… Read More
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