Room selection process and how people get informed about it

By Tyler Seabrook
March 10, 2020

Sign alerting students about housing applications. Photo by Cabrini’s Residence Life.

It’s that time of year again when college students have to figure out where they want to live on or off-campus. Students have to figure out exactly what they are hoping to do for their own living situation.

Students always have the option of living on-campus or commuting to school for that particular year of theirs. It ultimately is up to how the student feels about living close to other classmates of theirs.

Students can also consult with their campus’s residence life office if they have any questions about what opportunities they have to room at on the college’s campus. They are surely going to get informed about the different residential options on their campus. 

Meghan Junor, assistant director for residence life, provided her thoughts on the room selection process for these college students. 

Junor said, “Every student who applies gets a chance for a room on campus.”

Residence Life works to ensure that all students who complete an application receive housing. If a student is unable to select housing during room selection due to availability, residence life will work with those students over the summer to secure housing for them before the start of the fall semester.

Junor also wants students to keep a close eye on their school emails because the information that is shared about the room selection process is quite valuable for everyone. It contains the steps that students should follow based on a variety of components to the room selection process and ensure students receive the room they want.

These include how to apply for housing, how to form your roommate groups, how to request a roommate and directions on how to form your roommate group and the room selection process.


This is West Residence Hall. This is an option that rising sophomores through rising seniors can apply to live at. Photo by Tyler Seabrook

The email also discusses the different places that students can live on-campus. They can be seen on the emails that resident life has sent out and even on the page of the university’s website. 

Junor wanted to alert students that any rising sophomores through rising seniors can live with one another in any of the housing options besides the apartments because that is solely for seniors. 

Students who have accommodation or who are within one of the LLCs don’t participate through the housing process. These students usually go through a separate process than other students to meet their criteria that they are looking to have.

Typical outcomes for students who live off-campus are either in an apartment complex that is close to school. Another location is if they are on a sports team. This usually involves renting a house for a year to live at so they can hold activities as a group together. 


This is the Apartments located on campus. This housing option is only for seniors to live in. Photo by Tyler Seabrook.

Jess Sobieski, a freshman on the women’s basketball team, is ready to experience her first time with the room selection process in college. Since she knew her roommate since fifth grade, it was a pretty easy transition to living with someone.

She met a swimmer on the swim team and their intention is to try and room in South residence hall. They aren’t opposed to having “unknowns” join the other room in their suite. 

Due to having some upper-classman friends living in South residence hall, this increased her excitement to wish to live in this residence hall. 

Freshman Caitlynne Zelazny, is thrilled to experience the room selection process. She is starting to get along with her current roommate because her prior roommate didn’t work out. 

She and a friend she met are considering one of the houses or South residence hall to live in for the upcoming school year. Zelazny’s friend that she is considering to room with currently lives in Xavier Hall.

Jovan Bilcik, a freshman on the rowing team, is pleased about her living conditions. She started out living in a triple. However, due to scenarios not related to her roommates, Bilcik lives in a single. 

She is a part of the Impact LLC, so she might be recommended to room in Dixon House. However, if she isn’t placed in Dixon House, she isn’t opposed to living in South residence hall. This is based on all the positives coming from people who currently live there. She isn’t opposed to living with people that she doesn’t know.

Keaghan Otto, a freshman who currently live on campus, was happy to provide her thoughts on housing. 

Otto currently lives in a triple by herself due to the roommates of hers not fully agreeing with what was going on between them.

Her first thoughts on where to possibly live next year are either in South or West residence halls. This person that she grew a close connection with over the summer is the person that Otto plans to room with next year.

Infographic the Residence Life provided to students on campus about steps for selecting roommates. Photo by Cabrini’s Residence Life.




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Tyler Seabrook

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