Freshmen’s thoughts on their first semester of college

By Tyler Seabrook
September 17, 2019

College is most often a time when you are starting to figure out what is your goal or purpose in life. Freshmen are usually getting a sense of how to deal with many things for the very first time in life. This could include a variety of first-time scenarios that hasn’t happened for them before. These things might involve long separation from family members, sharing a room with someone that is unknown, getting into a well-rounded routine and so much more that could arise as you start college.

Usually, freshmen have a general idea of what they would like to pursue as their dream career. The issue though at times is finding the perfect major that goes along with that. 

The college that you attend might schedule your courses for the first semester in various departments, to have you get a sense of your interests. This is a way to really understand what you are truly picturing for yourself as your dream job or career. 

Similarly speaking, students may know the exact thing that they want to pursue but it could change. Over the first year of college is mostly a time to explore your several options of materials that is fascinating to you. This is known as a change in major. 

Saleem Brown, an associate director of first-year students and transfer students, said how he prepares students for their first year. He prepares his students by going over important skills like time management and study skills.

“I have them do a self-assessment paper on how you want to do at Cabrini and the ultimate goal of yours after your time at Cabrini,” Brown said. “It was a challenging experience because I was trying to accommodate time for my studies and athletic duties”.

Cabrini offers many resources that freshmen could start using once they figuring it out. Some of them include the Math Resource Center, the Writing Center, Center for Career and Professional Development and subject-area tutoring to just name a few. 

Signage for another location of resources on campus for Freshmen. Photo taken by Tyler Seabrook

Caitlynne Zelazny, freshman criminology major, was asked about her thoughts so far in her first semester of college. She is currently making new friends since she has joined the rowing team. She also attended the Involvement Fair and signed up for LeadStrong because she is apart of the Impact Leadership LLC.

“I plan to pursue a degree in criminology, due to my passion of watching crime shows on television,” Zelazny said. Her favorite professor so far is Richie Gebauer, executive director of the first-year experience. The class that Zelazny has with Gebauer is public speaking.

There are times in college when you just decided that this is too much for yourself and drop-out. Dr. Kim Boyd, an associate dean for retention and student success, has provided this source, National Center for Educational Statistics. This site provides information on any college in the United States.

For full-time students, 71 percent returned to Cabrini. For part-time students, 100 percent returned to Cabrini. This was from Fall 2017 to Fall 2018.

Graph showing data on Renton rate from Fall 2017 through Fall 2018. Obtained from National Center of Educational Studies.


Jessica Sobieski, freshman accounting major, was asked her thoughts on college so far. She is making new friends that live in her dorm. She is going to be featured on the women’s basketball team. 

“I am planning to pursue a major in accounting because I shadowed my mom this summer, who is an accountant,” Sobieski said. Overall, she likes her dorm, besides from the uncomfortable heat level and vending machine malfunctions. 


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Tyler Seabrook

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