“Bite” and how it’s useful for student’s food intake

By Tyler Seabrook
October 29, 2019

This is the icon of the app “Bite.” Photo by Tyler Seabrook

Has there ever been a time when you’re told about something and wonder if it’s worth it? This question could cover a wide variety of subcategories in life. Some examples could include restaurants, particular clothing brands, applications over a wide range of platforms and many more that people could be telling you about.

Sodexo created an app called Bite. Within this app, students can view what is being offered during the different meal periods on a given day. This can be helpful for students who might be in a rush for a class or if they have time to kill.

PR News has provided information about Sodexo’s app Bite. They listed that the app was created on July 20, 2016.  

The app lists the food options that are being offered at each location in the cafeteria and the necessary nutritional information that students want to know about. This consists of the calorie count for the particular food. It provides food icons to indicate what is inside of the food to prevent someone from getting an allergic reaction.

Edna Tees, senior education major, was happy to provide her thoughts on Sodexo’s app. She doesn’t currently use the app because sometimes it wasn’t updated on the food that the cafeteria is offering.

She also doesn’t have any recommendations on how the app could be changed. She enjoyed how it showed the nutritional information of the food offered.

“My main issue with the app was the format of it,” Tees said.

 An article done by the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown’s student newspaper provided information about this app. For starters, they share that it can be linked to FitBits and other trackers that do personal health information, such as calorie and fat intake. 


Pittsburgh by mevans724, on Flickr
This is a photo of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is on the outskirts of Pittsburgh University-Johnstown.

Pittsburgh” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by mevans724

Devyn Levy, a junior psychology major, provided her insight on the app. The last time that she used the app was when she was a freshman. She doesn’t use it currently because she can’t remember if she still has the app on her phone or not. She did find it useful when she was a freshman.

Levy liked the app because you can look at the different meal options ahead of time, so you can plan your meals accordingly. Her main concern about the app is that the data provided on the meals being offered wasn’t always accurate.

I would recommend that Sodexo should increase the visibility of the screen that the app projects on,” Levy said. 

People might find this helpful in their food selection on a particular day. It shows you how vital nutrients are gained within the human body.


lunch by Yuya Tamai, on Flickr
This is what a plate of food could look like for a college student at their cafeteria.

lunch” (CC BY 2.0) by Yuya Tamai

Another tool that can be used by students and their food selection, is called menus.sodexomyway. This is very similar to “Bite.” It could be an alternative if students don’t have this app already.

Carmen Jones, a junior marketing major, has provided her impressions on the app “Bite.” She uses this app to know what the cafeteria is offering on that specific day to see if it’s something she would like to eat. Since she is on the cross country team, she wants to make sure that she is eating properly to better enhance her fitness.

Jones’ pro for the app is that it gives you the menu for that day with all the nutritional facts. The con that Jones came up with is that the cafeteria sometimes doesn’t match with the app is saying.

”My only recommendation on how the app could be changed is if there was an option to make a last-minute change to what is going to be offered,” Jones said.


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Tyler Seabrook

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