Wacky college majors that relate back to ones at Cabrini University

By Tyler Seabrook
September 30, 2019

Why do people always asks students who are just starting college about what major they are planning to pursue? Do these people think that the standard responses will be said? Would they like to hear a variety of majors that are going to be taken by students?

Typical responses to this question is that college students choose a form of science, education, something business related , some medium of art and some component within communication. Even though these selections are the most common that are heard, there are some wacky ones that are listed at some universities across the world.

After doing some research on finding wacky college majors, three websites were a great source for finding some out. These websites include fastweb.com, mental floss.com and collegedegreesearch.com.

Some examples of these majors from the websites include golf management, mathematical biology, licensed midwifery, auctioneering, turfgrass science, costume technology, citrus, family enterprise, puppet arts and many more that can be discovered from these sites. 

Another good source to use at most universities is their career center. Here at this university, there is something called Center for Career and Professional Development. 

The Center for Career and Professional Development. Photo taken by Tyler Seabrook

Selena Scialfa, senior early childhood and special education major, was asked her thoughts about how nannying is a major at Sullivan University. Her overall comparison between her major and nannying is that they both act as caregivers. This could be by helping students mentally and physically. Scialfa has experience with babysitting.

“I want to teach early intervention or special education in kindergarten,” Scialfa said. “I believe that nannying shouldn’t be an actual major.”

An activity a nanny could be supervising. Photo via Flickr.


Nicholas Jacques, associate professor of studio art, provided his input on how “comic art” and the fine arts programs here are similar. The comic art major is done at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Jacques’ first thought was that both majors utilize the work of line, color and composition amongst the different mediums. Computer is something else that is used for the work in these courses.

He wouldn’t want to teach anything else besides art, since his passion grew from past middle and high school teachers telling him he had a skill at it.

A spiral vortex as a piece of art. Photo via Flickr.

“I earned a master’s degree from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, a B.A.,  in communication design from Kutztown University and a B.A., in painting from University of Hartford,” Jacques said.

Dr. Stephen Grieco, associate professor of music, provided his thoughts on how the major of bagpiping, which is offered at Carnegie Mellon University, relates to the music department here. 

His first comparison is that they would each utilize musical private lessons. Grieco also thought that courses that both take would be in a form of music history, music theory oral and written and music performances. He also imagines there being teachings and trainings of the specific instrument.


Someone playing the bagpipes. Photo via Flickr

The idea of how people are creating their own instruments, is what Grieco believes could someday become a new major in college.

Grieco knew from a young age, that he always wanted to do something involving music as a career. He got advice from people who he shadowed that teaching would be the steadiest way to be involved with music. 

“ I earned an undergraduate degree from State University of New York at Fredonia, master’s degree from Bowling Green University and a doctoral degree from Arizona State University,” Grieco said. “All of these are in music composition.”



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Tyler Seabrook

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