COVID-19 is affecting summer plans

By Tyler Seabrook
April 26, 2020

Many people are reconsidering their summer plans due to the coronavirus.
Ideas that they thought about doing during the summer, might have to be reconsidered due to the coronavirus.

There is one popular activity that many people enjoy doing in the summer months and that is swimming. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional swimmer or if you just participate in the benefits it has for your body overall. Swimming is a great activity for everyone to get involved with. 

This is where you can swim if you have a pool in your backyard. Photo by Tyler Seabrook

Swimmers plan to simulate their normal swimming regimes without access to a public pool.

Here are a few of the ideas that athletes decided to share with other people.

  1. Set-up a Backyard Pool

“Triathlete Daniela Ryf, a four-time Ironman world champion from Switzerland, made her own swimming space by filling up an outdoor pool and using a bungee cord to add enough resistance to lock her in place in the middle of the pool while she swam,” Middlebrook wrote in this article.

  1. Practice Your Strokes with Resistance Bands

A swimmer from the Wagner College Triathlon Team of Staten Island, New York, used an exercise bench and laid facedown on it.

  1. Do Yoga Moves Inspired by Swimming

“Ann Mazur, who raced the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials, told Runner’s World earlier this year that swimming between 4,000 and 5,000 yards each day helped her increase her cardio fitness and keep injuries at bay during intense marathon training blocks,” Middlebrook said.

Theme parks are another popular summer attraction.

According to this article, it goes into some of the popular ones across the United States and their plan of attack based on the coronavirus.. 

Image of a character that you could see at Disney World or Disneyland. Photo by Tyler Seabrook

“Coronavirus in the summer is going to have an impact most on my internship,” Joe Hamilton, junior finance major, said. He shared that he has been in communication with the place that he is trying to do an internship. 

He is hoping that it will occur for him because each student within the business department needs to participate in an internship experience to graduate. 

At the moment he doesn’t have any summer plans yet, but will stay away from air travel from this point in time until next year.

Image of a baseball team that is looking to have a productive start to the season. Photo by Tyler Seabrook

Another thing that attracts people to the summer months is the sport of baseball. They are still in talks about when and the timetable when fans will be involved in the stands to view these games.

A huge thing that people were waiting to watch this summer were the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. 

“I don’t think the coronavirus will have too much of an effect on summer,” Emily Kreiswirth, junior social work major, said. She believes that things won’t go back to normal quickly, though people will start to travel more.

Kreiswirth thinks that the virus won’t have that much of an impact on her summer. She is still going to enjoy going to the beach, but will remain cautious about how close she is to other patrons on the beach.

This is an assortment of activities you could do at the beach. Photo by Tyler Seabrook

“I hope things go back to normal by the summer,” Kreiswirth said. 


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Tyler Seabrook

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