Should stores hire people to work during the COVID-19 outbreak?

By Tyler Seabrook
April 26, 2020

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has brought up a mysterious question that many people are critically thinking about. That question is about if stores are going to be hiring people to work for them during this outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States.

I am personally torn about hearing that stores are hiring people to work for them during the Coronavirus. I definitely can see the benefit that this will have on people who gain a job; my main concern regarding this is how people are going to handle crowds of people who run businesses at physical store-fronts. 

According to an article written by Arianne Cohen, she talks about some industries that are hiring people who are looking for a job during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

These include shipping and delivery companies, online learning companies, grocery stores and delivery services, remote meetings and companies and ones that benefit working families.

This is a piece of technological equipment that meetings could happen now during the Covid-19 outbreak. Photo by Tyler Seabrook

I believe that these industries make sense of why they would be hiring, It involves some of the most essential areas of life that people are struggling with at this moment in time. 

The most important industry that is being altered substantially during this outbreak of COVID-19, is the grocery stores and delivery services. I believe these are the most important industries to help right now because all across the world people need to be able to eat food and want to know the most efficient pathway to retrieve it. 

This could either be heading out to your local grocery store or doing an online delivery service where you fill-out what you would like and have someone else do the shopping for you so that you aren’t worrying about having close connections with people outside of your house.


Example of produce you can buy at a grocery store near you. Photo by Tyler Seabrook

This issue of grocery stores is also affecting the work done by farmers. Their main suppliers are from these gamers that are growing content that can be placed at the grocery stores across the world. 

Within an article, they discuss some of the stores that are hiring people during the coronavirus break. Those that deal with food and delivery services that are mentioned include CVS, Walmart, Instacart, Amazon, Papa John’s, Dominoes, Pizza Hut and 7-Eleven. 

To me, it makes sense that some of the well-known confidence stores are providing support for people who aren’t feeling comfortable with going to a grocery store for their food purchases. 

The other side of this idea of people being hired to work could include the issue of the virus spreading more.

One way that the spread of the virus could increase rapidly is if these workers don’t wear gloves. Within this article, some Trader Joe’s stores are revealed that some of their managers are telling their employees to not wear gloves. Their rationale behind this is to show signs of unionizing people together.

Examples of gloves that store workers could wear during their shift at work. Photo by Tyler Seabrook

This absolutely disgusts me to hear this because everyone should take the right approach to decrease their chances of possibly spreading the virus. This is also awkward to hear from a grocery store chain because these types of places seem like the most obvious place that the virus could spread. 

I don’t know what everyone else thinks about this idea that stores are hiring workers during the coronavirus outbreak, but to me, it seems like a way that is helping the economy out in a time of disbelief for people.

I do like that most of these jobs have an on-line component to them, which gives people the chance to help others out without physically connecting with them and staying virtual. 


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Tyler Seabrook

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