Philly Sports Mascots: How I feel about them

By Tyler Seabrook
November 21, 2019

When it comes to mascots of Philadelphia sports teams, you can definitely see that some people are in favor of some over others. This is seen between the fans of these teams that are based in Philadelphia.

When people go to see professional sporting events for teams in Philadelphia, they are going to see these mascots involved in the atmosphere as much as possible.

This could potentially lead to the opinions of how the mascots are viewed in a huge sports town, like Philadelphia.

On Billy Penn, has an article that contains all of the professional sports teams that appeared in Philadelphia. Some of them you have definitely heard of, whereas others might be new to you.

For me personally, I have been following the major sports teams in Philadelphia basically for my entire life. It is a huge privilege to have lived in an area that supports their teams as much as people do.

According to a Hogtown Mascots article, the writer lays out that mascots can be good for people or bad for people.

I follow the “Big 5” when it comes to professional sports teams in the Philadelphia area. They are the Phillies, Sixers, Union, Eagles and Flyers.

Philly Phanatic

Every time I go to a Phillies game, I always am looking to see what the Philly Phanatic is up to. He is such a goofy character that entices the fans as they go see a Phillies game.

I enjoy seeing the different activities that he gets himself into as the games are happening. This could involve him riding on his ATV, messing with people’s food in the stands, imitating people and many more attention-grabbing scenarios that he comes up with.

I really enjoy the laughter that the Philly Phanatic brings to each game to interact with the fans. I feel that this is the main way on how he is positively treated in Philly.

Phanatic by Matt Watts, on Flickr
This is the Philly Phanatic “opening” up to the crowd at Citizens Bank Park

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Phanatic” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Matt Watts


Franklin is the mascot for the Philadelphia Sixers. He is a lovable dog that engages the crowd at each of the Sixers’ home games. Though, the mascot before him was Hip-Hop, a rabbit.

When I am watching them on television or at games in-person, it really seems that Franklin is urging the fans on so much to show the team some support during the entire game. Young fans are always thrilled to see Franklin all around Wells Fargo Center.

When I have been to recent games of the Sixers, I really enjoy his acrobatics when he joins in with the group of people that perform tricks on the trampolines.


The Philadelphia Flyers created their mascot over a year ago. His name is Gritty and at times is thought about looking like Jakob Voracek. He is number 93 on the team.

At first, people had mixed feelings about how Gritty would be treated by the fans of the Philadelphia Flyers. Though, I think that he brings a bunch of similar antics that are expected from a town like Philadelphia. However, I do enjoy the stunts that he has performed not just at Flyers games, but at other venues, he has been at.

I got this shirt for Christmas about two years ago from my Aunt. Photo by Tyler Seabrook.


This is the mascot of the Philadelphia Eagles. The colors of Swoop’s costume perfectly matches the jersey of what the Eagles wear for their games.

For me, it is hard to have an opinion on Swoop because I haven’t really seen him do too much that would sway my view of him.

I know though that for different charity activities that the Eagles run, that Swoop is usually able to lend a “wing.” This will show the fans of the Eagles that he is someone that young kids can look up to.



This is the mascot of the Philadelphia Union. They are the professional soccer team located in Chester, Pennsylvania.

This is my favorite sport to watch, so I was very excited to see that they have a mascot now. The Union held a contest for kids in the nearby areas to design what Phang should look like.

At the games, Phang is very much getting involved with the fans. This shows that if a mascot is highly engaged with a sports team, then the fans should as well.

I got this shirt as a giveaway after one of the Philadelphia Union matches this past season. Photo by Tyler Seabrook

I know that people may have different opinions on the mascots of the Philadelphia sports team than me. I just want to remind people that it is good to have your own opinion.



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Tyler Seabrook

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