Halloween candy and the importance of it

By Tyler Seabrook
October 23, 2019

This is the time of year when people are excited to stock up on candy on Halloween night. Kids are also planning their route with their friends to see where they will get a bunch of candy.

Most times people want to gather a bunch of candy when they go from door-to-door with their friends. This way it turns out to be a great bonding experience with their friends at the end of the night. This also plays into the fact about how these kids are always trying to trade their candy among their group of friends.

Emily’s Halloween Candy by Jim, the Photographer, on Flickr
This is an assortment that kids could imagine about on Halloween.

Emily’s Halloween Candy” (CC BY 2.0) by Jim, the Photographer

Joseph Hamilton, junior finance major, has given his thoughts on Halloween candy. His favorite ones are Kit-Kats, Reese’s and Milk Duds. Hamilton likes the wafer of Kit-Kat’s, the caramel from Milk Duds and the peanut butter that’s inside Reese’s. 

“My favorite Halloween memory was the night of the Philadelphia Phillies’ parade back in 2008 when I got the biggest haul of candy in my life,” Hamilton said.

The concept of what is inside of these candies, that children receive from the homes that they trick-or-treat on Halloween is a big deal. Some of the kids may have allergies to particular ingredients inside the candy that was just gathered in the neighborhoods with their friends. 

The website, thedailymeal, gives the ingredients of some of the candy that are popular with children on Halloween. The ingredients that are mentioned here might surprise you if you never had the chance to search them up before. 

One common ingredient that was spotted in the description of these candies is corn syrup. Another obvious item in these candies is a form of chocolate. The substance that shouldn’t surprise people is sugar.


kids_Halloween by anniejay, on Flickr
A group of friends who decided to go treat-or- treating with each other.

kids_Halloween” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by anniejay

Joseph Brennan,  junior English major, was excited to share about his favorite Halloween candies and memories. When he was 8 years old, he had a box and turned himself into a cardboard robot. He enjoyed the creativity of that.

Brennan’s favorite candies are Sour Skittles, Kit-Kats, Crunch Bars and Reese’s. His favorite flavor of candy is sour. He is also a fan of chocolate. He likes the crunching sound of Kit-Kats and Crunch Bars. “It’s satisfyingly delectable,” Brennan said.

The ingredients of Skittles were shocking to see. It doesn’t seem that the idea of dyes would be important to know about. Skittles contain dyes that could possibly lead to cancer later in your life. 

 Jill Castle, a childhood nutritionist, listed on her website some of the allergens and ingredients that are hidden inside of your Halloween candy. This is important for parents to know about and tell their children about.

Places that are great to get Halloween candy from are Target and Party City. At these places the prices on the candy are pretty affordable if you’re trying to not spend a lot of money for Halloween. They also are good for costume ideas. These stores provide what a family needs at Halloween.

A Forbes article listed their favorite Halloween candy for each state and even Washington D.C.  Some of the results might shock you, so you better check this out.


This is a pie chart that contains the information from the Forbes article. Photo by Tyler Seabrook.

Sam Gorman,  senior computer science major with a mathematics minor, has shared her insight on Halloween candy. “I like Twix bars because of their variety of ingredients inside of it,” Gorman said.

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Tyler Seabrook

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