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Students mentor juvenile inmates

Imagine entering a detention center that was surrounded with 20-feet-high gates, security cameras, security guards and juvenile inmates. Two of Cabrini College's students, juniors Jen Brown and Deidre Beadle, have been doing just that throughout this past year.

Lady Cavs optimistic

The Cabrini softball team kicked of their spring fling weekend with a doubleheader against Immaculata University. They came into the game after losing both games to their doubleheader against King's College on Wednesday. Player, Megan O'Brien believes that the losses to King's College served as motivation to try to win this doubleheader.

Seizing the college years

I cannot believe that this school year is coming to a close. It seems as though yesterday I was moving into my dorm in New Residence Hall. Reality has been setting in on my mind lately. I just can't believe that I am half-way through my college life. So much has happened to me in these past two years, and I have encountered so many learning experiences.

Students honored for outreach service

Last Thursday, students were honored for their participation in community and outreach service throughout the year at the 3rd annual Community Engagement and Outreach (CEO) Banquet. The ceremony recognized students and organizations for their leadership in various service projects.

O’Brien anxious for second season

Cabrini College's softball team player, Megan O'Brien is thrilled to be playing for her second year with Cabrini. Last year she actually played a starter position on the team. Megan has been playing softball since she was nine-years-old in Barrington, New Jersey.

Two new assistant coaches strengthen women’s lacrosse

This year the women's lacrosse team welcomes two new additions. Melissa Michels and Colleen Connor are the two new assistant coaches. Although both of them are entering this season as two new coaches, they are no strangers to the lacrosse field or to head coach Jackie Neary.

Girls just wanna have fun

This past Friday, as I was getting all dressed up for the formal, I realized how fun it is to be a girl. As I was getting ready, all of the excitement I had when I was in high school was all coming back. I began to remember the slumber parties, games of truth or dare and the girl gossip.

Don’t become a victim to a ‘Bad Tan’

Tanning salons are becoming more popular, female population. There is so much pressure,for the "perfect." image. There is nothing like the "perfect tan," but at what cost? More tanning salons have been put under pressure because of the harmful effects the tanning beds have caused people.

Benefits of service

When people think of the term "community service," they often think of an activity that is forced upon them. Others make think of the people on the side of the roads with the bright fluorescent vests. Unless you have done a huge amount of community service, you don't realize how fun it can be.

Life lesson

This past year I am learning the value of life. In the beginning of the year, I lost an aunt whom was very dear to me. Months after her death, the terrible tsunami hit the southern regions of Asia. Obviously, the bulk of the population was affected. In addition to me recovering from the death of my aunt, this disaster even hit harder for me.

Men’s tennis headed to Laguna Beach

The spring season is quickly approaching, and so is the men's tennis season. The team has been preparing for what hopes to be a rewarding season. There are high hopes that they will win the PAC championship. The team captains are extremely excited about the season.

Lenten season: a time for reflection

For many of us, the season of Lent is upon us. We have always been told that we should give up something for 40 days. For many years I have given up many different foods and bad habits. However, after Lent is over we often go back to the bad habits. For the past couple of years I have tried to approach Lent in a different way.

Men’s lacrosse anxious for season

The players on the men's lacrosse team are pumped about the 2005 season. The consensus is that there are high expectations for this year's season. Freshman, Jack Hyson is very excited for the team and believes the team will accomplish a lot. "We are extremely excited to see what happens this season, and our expectations are high," Hyson said.

Adoption gives hope

It appears that people stereotype adoption as a parent's last resort of giving up a child. Many people do not understand the concept of adoption to a full extent. In most reality cases, it is not "giving up" a child, but offering him or her a better life.

Where have all the tomatoes gone

Imagine pizza shops not having enough tomato sauce to make the pizzas. Imagine going to Wendy's or McDonald's and the sandwiches are missing the slices of tomatoes. Believe it or not many restaurants and especially pizzerias are suffering from the current tomato shortage.

Banned books reaching shelves

Many schools do not let young readers read classic books such as "To Kill a Mocking Bird," and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," to name a few. All around the nation, many schools have been banning books from students which contain sexual content, violence, racism and vulgar language.

Importance of having quality before quantity

People change in college. Throughout my life and especially in high school, I was always told that people who were in my life would change. I was also told that people who I had been friends with throughout high school may not be friends with me forever. As usual, being a very young and naive high school teenager I did not want to believe this idea.

Political Cartoon: Usama bin Laden on the election

Matt DiFalco

Quit ranting, act upon it

Hearing people complain that there is nothing to do at Cabrini has become quite annoying. Every time I turn around I hear people complain how they are always bored and there is nothing to do on campus. In reality, there are many activities and opportunities on this campus.

The truth behind the freshmen 15

What exactly is the freshman 15? Most people have concluded that it is typical weight gain that many freshmen encounter during their first year in college. Many college students around the nation have fallen victim to the freshman 15, or they know someone who has.


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