Lenten season: a time for reflection

By Sharon Kolankiewicz
February 17, 2005

For many of us, the season of Lent is upon us. We have always been told that we should give up something for 40 days. For many years I have given up many different foods and bad habits. However, after Lent is over we often go back to the bad habits. For the past couple of years I have tried to approach Lent in a different way.

Instead of giving up certain foods or bad habits, I am going to do something beneficial each day differently. Last year, one of my friends gave me an inspirational book. The book contained motivational quotes about life. This friend wanted me to read a quote for each day and apply it to my life. This year, I decided to compliment people in my life every day. Not that I don’t compliment my friends or family, but I want to get into the habit of showing my appreciation for them.

I understand this may not be the approach for some people. I am trying to tell people that they don’t have to give up something. This season is meant to help us become better people. We can become better people by doing good deeds. They can do something for themselves or others that they normally don’t do. For example, my friend is trying to get involved with more community service.

If you still prefer giving up something, by all means do. However, doing something good for you and others is still rewarding.

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Sharon Kolankiewicz

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