Life lesson

By Sharon Kolankiewicz
February 24, 2005

This past year I am learning the value of life. In the beginning of the year, I lost an aunt whom was very dear to me. Months after her death, the terrible tsunami hit the southern regions of Asia. Obviously, the bulk of the population was affected. In addition to me recovering from the death of my aunt, this disaster even hit harder for me. I could not believe how much life was lost.

Death is something many people fear. Granted, it is not easy to deal with death, but some people deal with it better than others. For me, it is extremely hard. Many of my family members have died in abrupt ways. As for the tsunami, it was horrific every time the death tolls would rise. These events have gotten me to realize how valuable life is and the people in it.

I have a new appreciation for the people in my life. Anything could happen each and every day. So, I make it known to each of my friends and family how much they mean to me. Even if it is a simple “hello” or smile, let your loved ones know how much they mean. Believe me, a smile goes a long way and can make someone’s day.

It is especially hard when a loved one passes away and you never got to say “goodbye.” However, why would you say it because you didn’t know it was the last time you would see him or her? On a lighter note, I have learned that goodbyes aren’t forever. I believe as long as we keep the fond memories in hearts, our loved ones never go away. I appreciate every one of my friends and family each and every day.

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Sharon Kolankiewicz

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