Benefits of service

By Sharon Kolankiewicz
March 11, 2005

Ryan Norris

When people think of the term “community service,” they often think of an activity that is forced upon them. Others make think of the people on the side of the roads with the bright fluorescent vests. Unless you have done a huge amount of community service, you don’t realize how fun it can be.

Believe me; I used to look down upon community service. I always thought it was an obligation rather than a self-satisfying quality. However, I started doing community service here and there starting in sixth grade. I did acts all throughout middle school and high school. At the time I was still young and naive, and I did not fully appreciate what I was doing to the fullest extent.

It wasn’t until I came to Cabrini College that I began to enjoy and understand community service. After the “Day of Service,” I had all of these positive feelings running through me. I decided that I wanted to help others and meet new people.

Community service’s main purpose is helping others and doing physical labor, but what’s wrong with that? However, the most valuable aspect of community service is the friendships. I have gotten involved with service projects on campus, especially in the Wolfington Center.

Through these opportunities, I have met people with similar interests and made so many new friends.

It is always refreshing to get a perspective outside of Radnor, Pa. The people you meet can motivate you to change how you live daily.

Cabrini has so much to offer, for example, the outreach Saturdays and service trips. In fact, two groups of students spent their spring break in West Virginia on “Project Appalachia” or in New York for the “New York Immersion.” Both groups did acts of community service, but had fun at the same time.

Last year I participated in the New York service trip. I had so much fun; I decided to be a leader on this year’s trip.

Another benefit of doing community service in groups is the close-knit relationships that are formed or strengthened. I think these are the most important aspects to have on community service. It can really have a positive effect on a person.

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Sharon Kolankiewicz

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