Quit ranting, act upon it

By Sharon Kolankiewicz
October 14, 2004

Harold William Halbert

Hearing people complain that there is nothing to do at Cabrini has become quite annoying. Every time I turn around I hear people complain how they are always bored and there is nothing to do on campus. In reality, there are many activities and opportunities on this campus.

In the beginning of my freshman year, I had similar feelings until I made the effort to get involved. I knew I wanted to be more active and social on-campus. In the beginning of the year, after class I would spend the rest of my time in my dorm. I was not happy, but I could not find the missing puzzle piece which I need to complete my happiness. So in the spring semester of my freshman year, I started participating in events held by the Wolfington Center. I went on the service trip to New York City and the SEARCH retreat where I met some amazing people, and who I still remain good friends today.

I began to participate in other activities and I saw the same people as well as meeting new people. Since Cabrini is a small campus, it is easy to recognize and remember people. As I began to meet more people, I developed close friendships and that has made the difference. I finally found the missing piece to my puzzle.

By becoming more involved you create more connections among fellow students and faculty. The opportunities will not come to you; instead, you have to find them yourself. Basically, you should not sit around and be a passive person. When you are involved, there is always something to do, but putting the in the effort to be proactive is the first step. Although it has only been a year, I feel as though I have matured and I am a happier person with more self-confidence due to the fact that I am involved with organizations, such as the Up ‘Til Dawn Executive Board, SEARCH and various community service activities.

The main point I am trying to make is that you need to have a positive outlook and overcome laziness. You will realize that there is a lot being offered by Cabrini. This year I am so busy and active, I am rarely in my room. That is a major lesson which I have learned, not to shut yourself in your dorm because you are shutting yourself in from others reaching out to you.

In addition to the activities on-campus, there are also many activities off-campus. Obviously Wayne is only five-minutes from Cabrini and Philadelphia is just a train ride away. There is easy access to these places. For instance, there is the shuttle and two local train stations. Another benefit is if you are already involved, generally you know a good number of people and some of those people have cars.

I am simply stressing for Cabrini students to stop complaining about the lack of activities on-campus. If you really want to become active, then you must take the first step in making the effort to discover your niche. The more you get involved, the more proactive you become and you will find yourself much happier.

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Sharon Kolankiewicz

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