Girls just wanna have fun

By Sharon Kolankiewicz
March 31, 2005

Ryan Norris

This past Friday, as I was getting all dressed up for the formal, I realized how fun it is to be a girl. As I was getting ready, all of the excitement I had when I was in high school was all coming back. I began to remember the slumber parties, games of truth or dare and the girl gossip.

Most girls feel like princesses when they are getting all dolled up for similar events. It’s always fun to put on the beautiful dresses, get the hair styled and wear the beautiful jewelry. As the night went on, all of my girlfriends and I were having a blast and dancing the night away. There is nothing more fun than dancing and spending quality time with the girls.

There is nothing like the memories of staying up all night with your girlfriends talking about that “special boy” and reciting all the weird facts you know about him. There are also the memories of staying up all night and pigging out on ice cream, potato chips and the unlimited supply of junk food while watching chick flicks. I also remember having a “girl’s night out,” where we would go out to the mall and movies, which were always the best weekend rituals.

The most important quality of a girl is knowing you have your girls to fall back on.

Even through the hard times and fights, you know you have that group of girls to give that emotional support. They are especially good medicine when it comes to wondering why guys can be so confusing or healing any emotional pain.

Girls know how to have fun, and that is all we want to do in life. Girls really do just want to have fun.

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Sharon Kolankiewicz

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