Seizing the college years

By Sharon Kolankiewicz
April 21, 2005

I cannot believe that this school year is coming to a close. It seems as though yesterday I was moving into my dorm in New Residence Hall. Reality has been setting in on my mind lately. I just can’t believe that I am half-way through my college life. So much has happened to me in these past two years, and I have encountered so many learning experiences. People have always told me that the college years go by the fastest. It’s not that I didn’t believe the theory. I had never experienced college, so how could I know that they are the fastest years?

It seems it was just yesterday I graduated from high school, and in the fall of 2003 I entered my freshman year at Cabrini. My friends and I are grasping the fact that we will be upperclassmen when August approaches in four months. In these two years alone, I have had so many fond memories and obstacles. I know in the next two years that I will be creating many more fond memories. I am also sure I will be faced with more obstacles as well. I keep thinking on how fast these two years have gone. I can only imagine how fast the next two years will go for me. There is still so much I want to accomplish while in college, and I know that there is not enough time to accomplish all of my goals.

I have realized that the college years are the best years and the most fun. They can also be the most challenging, especially since people are figuring out who they are in life. However, I would not take back any of my experiences that I have had in college. When I look back 10 years from now, I will look back without any regrets.

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Sharon Kolankiewicz

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