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Young refugees ‘lost’ and found in local woman’s home

Editor’s note: This story won an award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and 2nd place 2011 Chandler Award for Student Religion Reporter of… Read More

As gas prices skyrocket, public should be aware of the causes

Media coverage has invited the world into protests in many Middle East countries including Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Egypt who are fighting against their strict regime for freedom. These countries, though rich in oil, are extremely instable. Among all of the unrest during this revolution, oil production decreases, causing oil prices to increase, leading to our gas prices hitting record-breaking numbers. With all of this international turmoil you may be wondering, what is our country doing about all of this?

Resident assistants deserve more than respect for commitment

Resident assistants, or RA’s, are selected each year through an interview process that begins with an application that is available for all students to apply for. If chosen by Residence Life as a candidate to be a leader on campus who will properly serve the students of their community, the newly selected RA can rightfully erase the entire billing on room and board off of their college tab.

Green team needs your support

Would you be willing to take part in a campus-wide movement to make the school more sustainable?

Compassion for family of student

As the college learns of emerging details in the Vineland, N.J. crime surrounding Cabrini student, David Stone, Loquitur asks the community to be respectful to the family during this trying time.

Faculty, staff dedicated during inclement weather on campus

Although Loquitur knows not many students complain about time off from classes due to inclement weather, we would like to thank the many workers of the Cabrini community who have displayed their dedication to our Cabrini experience by working during this weather.

Senioritis strikes campus community once again

An annual epidemic taking over college campuses everywhere begins right around this time each year. The disease plaguing undergrads across the country is contagious and could be harmful if it isn’t taken care of. This illness is called senioritis.

Cancer never sleeps, neither should you

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life is an event that communities across the globe participate in during a 24-hour marathon of activities to of raising money for the foundation.

Emerging partnership with Swaziland calls on students

Numerous Cabrini students study abroad, mostly to the capitals of Europe, and some to Guatemala and Ecuador. This week however, two visitors have reversed… Read More

Swaziland visitors share story

Few children in Swaziland can stay in school past grade seven. Many children even have to raise themselves because HIV/AIDS has taken both parents.

Zumba hits Cabrini

Finally there is an excuse to ditch the treadmill. Zumba!

Beat second-semester stress

It's here. There is no running or hiding from the dreaded second semester. Tickets have already been distributed to those who have yet to renew their parking permits. The bookstore madness has already taken place. Class is officially in session. You might as well make the best of it.

Students experience poverty firsthand in Guatemala

Guatemala is known to its natives as not only home, but a place of eternal spring. To the rest of the world it's known as being among one of the 10 poorest nations in the world. Located in Central America, the city exists in the high altitudes sitting near Lagodi Atitlan.

Cabrini hosts ‘Nets for Nets’

The "Nets for Nets" campaign donated 74 total anti-malaria bed nets to West Africa. The event was held on Thursday, Jan. 21. "Nets for Nets" was pioneered last year by former Cabrini College Catholic Relief Services ambassador Brittany Mitchell. The campaign, adopted from the already existing program called "Nothing But Nets," has been formed in an effort to prevent the increasing amount of deaths in West Africa due to malaria.

‘Sloppy seconds’ a no-no in rules of feminism

Women are prone to jealousy among each other. We, as human beings, constantly compete with one another. That is why, as friends, we owe it to each other to follow certain rules of feminism. Girlfriends don't let girlfriends eat the extra jelly donut. Real friends tell you you're prettier than the girl he dumped you for.

Looking ahead to the winter season…

m plans to continue claiming conferences yet again this year. The newly promoted head coach, Kate Pearson, has seen what the women's basketball team is capable of at Cabrini. Pearson has been an assistant coach of the team for five years and will be assuming the head coaching position this season.

Donahue returns to turf with shutout

High school field hockey was not an outlet for Caitlin Donahue, junior criminology major, to showcase her talent on the field. Seventh grade marked the beginning of Donahue's field hockey career, but she does not consider her performance in middle school and high school as outstanding.

Cover letter workshop prepares students for post-graduation

Cabrini students prepared themselves for life after graduation when learning how to write an effective cover letter on Thursday, Oct. 15. "This workshop helps students prepare for job interviews and grad school," Richie Gebauer, coordinator of co-curricular programming, said.

Conference speakers inspire women to strive for success

Success is accomplishing things that feel good, are good and help to serve the common good. This is the thought of Shannon Cassidy, keynote speaker of the Women's Leadership Conference, held on Saturday, Oct. 10. "My greatest obstacle in my path to having my own business was me," Cassidy, founder and executive director of Bridge Between, Inc.

Theatre to perform prestigious play

he Cabrini College theater is one out of 100 theatre programs worldwide that will be performing 'The Laramie Project Epilogue' simultaneously on Monday, Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. Cabrini has been selected along with many prestigious, professional theater groups, as the show will be performed in places from the Lincoln Center in New York City to Hong Kong, to Grace Hall atrium on Cabrini's campus.


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