Faculty, staff dedicated during inclement weather on campus

By Kelsey Kastrava
January 30, 2011

Remember when snow felt magical? When witnessing snowfall was like witnessing a miracle? At what age do we lose that excitement for freezing precipitation and pray to the heavens we aren’t trapped inside with nothing to do?

While many students stayed indoors during multiple snow storms, Cabrini’s faculty made campus life liveable despite the dangers. --jimmy crowell / assistant news editor--

Perhaps it’s the fact that as drivers, it’s a nuisance to clean off your car and can be dangerous to drive in the inclement weather. Maybe it has something to do with fact that you no longer own a sled and there is not much to do when your walkways and roads are painted with powdered snow.

In spite of many people’s disdain for snow, Cabrini College faculty and staff have trudged through the past few snowy weeks and have gotten their work done effectively.

Since this spring semester started, it has been hard to imagine any kind of spring day with the frequent snowfalls over the past several weeks. We have had, to date, four delayed openings and one school closing.

Although The Loquitur knows not many students complain about those times off, we would like to thank the many workers of the Cabrini community who have displayed their dedication to our Cabrini experience by working during this weather.

Cabrini  dining services,  facilities and public safety are the three departments on campus that remain open under any circumstance. Many staff belonging to these departments pay close attention to weather forecasts, ensuring they make appropriate travel arrangements to be on campus for work. This even means sleeping in a dorm on campus.

Public safety operates round-the-clock normally, but their 24-hour office plays a major role in making sure the campus still runs during snowstorms.

Offering shovels to students needing to dig out their cars and picking staff and students up from the train station are two small duties that make a large difference in inconvenient weather.

Dining services operates on a slightly moderated schedule during school closings.

Nevertheless, the staff makes sure they are there to feed students. During the big snowstorm last year on campus, 99 percent of students who had a meal plan were fed during the school closing. Many of the student employees of dining services help make this possible.

Facilities seem to make the most obvious difference during storms. With round-the-clock plowing, the staff of facilities try their best to make the campus as safe as possible in the shortest amount of time.

During the recent school closing on Jan. 27, the Dixon Center, Holy Spirit Library and the shuttle service also remained open.

The Loquitur would like to recognize not just these departments, but also all departments on campus that ensure the inclement weather is safe for students and help make it possible to resume our usual schedules as soon as possible.

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Kelsey Kastrava

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