Cover letter workshop prepares students for post-graduation

By Kelsey Kastrava
October 22, 2009

Cabrini students prepared themselves for life after graduation when learning how to write an effective cover letter on Thursday, Oct. 15.

“This workshop helps students prepare for job interviews and grad school,” Richie Gebauer, coordinator of co-curricular programming, said.

“It’s definitely scary to step out into the real world and search for a job. Hopefully students feel more comfortable being professional with the process.”

Gebauer, along with Anne Filippone, Director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, advised the students how to create a positive impression with their presence as well as in documentation.

The central focus of the meeting was to help students arrange their own cover letters for a potential job interview or perhaps graduate school.

Students were asked to bring along a job description of their own interest to have an example of how to place what information and where in the letter. Filippone instructed students to pay close attention to the guidelines that are provided when writing an interactive cover letter.

“It’s important to know about the organization or company you are applying to,” Filippone said. “Focus on the employer’s needs, not yours.”

The clinic was attended by students who are enrolled in a developmental course in which they also learn how to get organized for their professional life after Cabrini.

“I’ve written a cover letter before,” Dora Peters, criminology and sociology major said. “This workshop is somewhat of a requirement for my class, but it’s also helpful to get a couple tips.”

Life Series is the title given to these seven seminars that take place in early evenings a few times a semester. The series of discussions have been organized by the SEaL office to help students develop skills to market themselves to potential employers.

The clinics discuss a variety of topics including how to build resumes, the importance of health care benefits, financial responsibility and job searching strategies. Each session is roughly one hour long.

An incentive to attend the series of seminars is if students attend five of the eight sessions they are automatically entered into a raffle. The prizes include gift certificates to clothing stores for business attire, portfolio pads and business card holders.

This is the second year the “Life Series” is offering its services to students. Last year there were more seminars throughout the year. However, not many people were present at the discussions. Gebauer believes that the organization was unsuccessful in terms of marketing.

Although the course is a requirement for certain classes, it is also open to anyone interested in acquiring professional skills.

Gebauer feels that having students attend the workshops prior to beginning their careers will not only aid their chances of getting hired in this economic downfall but will help represent Cabrini College as an institution of young professionals.

The next seminar will be held Thursday, Oct. 22 in Founder’s Hall room 106 at 3:15 p.m. The subject of the workshop is job search strategies. Students will be counseled on how to speak to potential employers as well as learning how to contact them professionally. All students are welcome to take advantage of this free seminar.

Kelsey Kastrava

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