Beat second-semester stress

By Kelsey Kastrava
February 11, 2010

It’s here. There is no running or hiding from the dreaded second semester. Tickets have already been distributed to those who have yet to renew their parking permits. The bookstore madness has already taken place. Class is officially in session. You might as well make the best of it.

Rethink your career path. If you really dread every single class you’ve taken, including your major classes, rethink your major. Make an appointment today with your adviser to explore what may better suit your interests. You may be surprised with what other majors Cabrini offers. Don’t waste time; you may want to try a few majors until you can see yourself pursuing a potential career in that field.

Take advantage of weekend activities. Make it a point to actually glimpse at the tons of ads all around campus that offer plenty of opportunities to meet people. Most activities on the weekends hosted by the school will have inexpensive fun-filled opportunities. By making weekend plans you have something to look forward to which may help the week go by faster. Another opportunity could be to get involved with a committee who organizes weekend events.

Stay connected. Some people have a hard time leaving family and friends after a month spent with loved ones. With technology nowadays it makes it easy to keep in touch with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. A new means of communication is a video web chat program called Skype. This makes communicating with friends from home a lot more interesting than a simple phone call.

Mingle with classmates. Now that the rhythm of class has been broken in after first semester, you should be more comfortable opening up to those sitting around you in your classes. This is always helpful when you need help studying or you need a partner for a group project. Who knows, maybe your lab partner could potentially be your roommate for next year.

Find your favorite TV show. A popular thing in college is to find a group of people who love the same television series as you. Make a night of it each week and gather in the dorm’s common lounge area. Order pizza with the coupons offered all around campus. It will be a nice break from your studies in the middle of the week.

Commuters should befriend residents. Just because you don’t live on campus doesn’t mean you shouldn’t engage in some of the fun outside of class. Say yes to invitations to hang out in the dorms. Be prepared with an overnight bag if you wind up hanging out with some friends on a weeknight. The more friends you make who live on campus the more options you have to spend the night if need be.

Find balance. Don’t slack on schoolwork just because summer is only a few months away. Keep in mind the expenses you pay to have an education, but also make some time for yourself and enjoy activities such as working out, movie nights and some mild partying.

Second semester doesn’t have to be the worst five months of your life. Beat the back-to-school blues. Don’t let a few boring classes get in the way of your fun. Time flies when you’re having a good time, right? Summer vacation will be here before you know it, so go out with a bang. Ace your classes and enjoy the good times. Trust me, it’s possible to do both.

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Kelsey Kastrava

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