Senioritis strikes campus community once again

By Kelsey Kastrava
January 25, 2011

An annual epidemic taking over college campuses everywhere begins right around this time each year. The disease plaguing undergrads across the country is contagious and could be harmful if it isn’t taken care of. This illness is called senioritis.

Senioritis can be categorized as stage-five laziness among graduating students in their final few months of college. Its symptoms include lack of motivation in completing academic assignments and increased procrastination of school-related projects.

In short, seniors decide they’re accomplished graduates before they can actually document on their resume that they have, in fact, graduated from college.

With the Loquitur having a staff of juniors and seniors in college, we have first-hand experience of the contrast between the diverse work-ethics of the two grade levels. The juniors exude energy about their remaining year and a half in college while seniors are thinking about the word “graduation.”

The Loquitur thinks this happens for many reasons. Some students may be holding on to the memories made over the four-year span of college. Others may fear life in the real world as an adult. But Loquitur finds another major reason why so many students get lazy in their last semester of college is that they assume everything they have worked for–all of the completed credit hours, the several internships they have landed and the numerous Dean’s list certificates are enough to carry them across the threshold to dream jobs and place them well along the path of their desired career.

This, in the Loquitur’s opinion, is false.

Senior year is the last lap in crossing the finish line. Seniors are able to polish themselves and transition nicely into a professional setting that is so different from the dorm rooms and cafeteria halls we’re acclimated to. Senior year courses are often 400-level courses that allow your skills to completely develop in a particular field of study. Without the same drive and motivation you entered college with, you cannot achieve the type of success you had hoped for when making the decision to even come to college.

By catching the senioritis bug, you are essentially taking several steps backward. You should leave college on top. Your knowledge should be several times more than what it was in high school. Without giving this last semester all you have, you won’t be able to do this effectively.

The Loquitur asks the senior class of Cabrini to hold on tight, and race to the finish line with drive and motivation. What kind of finale would it be if you didn’t?

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Kelsey Kastrava

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