Cabrini hosts ‘Nets for Nets’

By Kelsey Kastrava
January 28, 2010

Shannon Keough

The “Nets for Nets” campaign donated 74 total anti-malaria bed nets to West Africa. The event was held on Thursday, Jan. 21.

“Nets for Nets” was pioneered last year by former Cabrini College Catholic Relief Services ambassador Brittany Mitchell. The campaign, adopted from the already existing program called “Nothing But Nets,” has been formed in an effort to prevent the increasing amount of deaths in West Africa due to malaria. The campaign’s ultimate goal is to end malaria deaths by 2015.

This year the women’s basketball team led the promotion with the help of Dr. Mary Laver, director of international partnerships. Two players organized the event, Kate Walck, senior psychology major, and Julie Bonomo, junior marketing major.

“Kate and I really wanted to help with the event especially after the success of last year,” Bonomo said. “The way it works is that for every basket the Cavaliers make, a bed net is donated. It’s not the points it’s the amount of baskets that matter.”

Each bed net cost of 7 dollars.

“To think that it only costs 7 dollars to save someone’s life is incredible,” Jenna Chiavoroli, senior elementary education major, said.

Chiavoroli recently traveled to Ecuador on a mission trip to live in solidarity through Cabrini’s campus ministry.

“I just spent a week sleeping under a bed net. In certain areas of the country it’s prevalent to have one. I’m really happy to see my school is part of a campaign that’s granting people these nets,” Chiavoroli said.

In addition to the basketball team’s efforts in scoring as many baskets as possible, CRS Ambassadors sold raffle tickets. Prizes included Chick-Fil-A sandwiches for a year and free car wash coupons. The tickets were sold during both the women’s and men’s games. Proceeds went to additional funding for the malaria bed nets.

A few days prior to the event, Walck and Bonomo realized relief was needed in other places. The two decided 20 percent of the funds they raised would go to Haiti.

“After the recent devastation there it was obvious that it’s the right thing to do,” Bonomo said.

“A sophomore student and a native to Haiti, Quiana Volney, came to us at CRS the day after the earthquake eager to do something,” Laver said. “She organized a donation table at the first basketball game after the earthquake and has since been in attendance to do the same alongside the ‘Nets for Nets’ campaign.”

Although the women’s basketball team organized the event, both the men’s and women’s team participated in the cause. The women’s team lost to Neumann University with a score of 77-60. The men’s team conquered Neumann with a score of 88-79. The nets were specifically donated to Gambia in West Africa.

“After the event knowing we may potentially save over 70 people’s lives simply by playing basketball is definitely rewarding,” Bonomo said.

Kelsey Kastrava

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