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Senior students launch multimedia website on Arab youth role in Middle East and North Africa uprisings

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created a website based on interviews conducted with young people and others involved in the Arab Awakening.

Why Student Athletes Just Do It

For the first time someone had really asked me why I put up with the crazy student athlete schedule.“The team,” automatically flew out of my mouth.

Clery Act: Where can Cabrini improve?

Where can Cabrini College improve when it comes to the Clery Act?

Application of the Week: Mint.com

Mint.com is an app that you can download for Blackberry, Android and iPhones. To start, sign up for Mint.com on the computer and then link your mint account to your bank account.

Stacking provides entertainment for all ages

Stacking provides entertainment for all ages, and

‘Just Go With It’ pleasent surprise to audiences

It took Adam Sandlher a little while to get back into his groove, however he defiantly hit the sweet spot with 'Just Go With It.'

Auditing for seniors must occur earlier to avoid problems that arise

Graduation is one of the proudest moments that people will have in their lives. But getting to that day requires a lot of meticulous… Read More

Cabrini Mission Corps provides opportunities after graduation for Cabrini alumni

After college, students are often plagued with a myriad of questions. Should I go to graduate school? Where do I look for a job? Do I take a year off and travel? What am I going to do with my life? Finding answers to these questions can be frightening.

Undergraduate service at Cabrini Mission Corps

Why students should consider post-graduate service after school.

Philadelphia keeps Bethlehem lighter on their toes

Sounds of pointed shoes landing and sewing machines purring fill the Zoellner Arts Center in Bethlehem, Pa from Dec. 15-19 . The Pennsylvania Youth… Read More

‘Red Dead Redemption’ wins game of the year

It was no surprise when 'Red Dead Redemption' was announced as game of the year on December 11.

Student action needed to end conflict minerals

Help to break the cycle of conflict minerals in the Congo.

Bonfire event is a hit for prospective students

S'mores, bonfire, and dance gives prospective students a taste of Cabrini's weekend life.

Athletic participation affects retention rates at colleges

With retention rates fluctuating at Cabrini, the athletic department has been considered a selling point to prospective students applying for college. According to Joe… Read More

Book review: Poor Little Bitch Girl

Book review on the drug, murder and sex scandals novel "Poor Little Bitch Girls.

“Teenage Dream” beats out “Back to Me”

Stud of the week “Teenage Dream “ Katy Perry has blown up the radio this summer.  Her music is fun, up-beat and catchy. So… Read More

Application of the week: Clicker

Application of the week Clicker Clicker.com has announced that they are releasing an application for smart phones. Clicker is a college student’s best friend.… Read More

Field hockey preview

The Cabrini 2010 field hockey team has been conditioning in order to defend their CSAC champion title. The team came back with a healthy amount of returners and a solid freshman class of six players.

Stud/Dud of the week

Stud of the Week Pretty Little Liars season finale. Premiered on Tuesday August 10th and shocked audiences. Even though the show is based very… Read More

Application of the month: Hotlist.

Hotlist tells you where all of your friends (even enemies) are going out for the night.


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