Auditing for seniors must occur earlier to avoid problems that arise

By Elizabeth Krupka
February 20, 2011

Graduation is one of the proudest moments that people will have in their lives. But getting to that day requires a lot of meticulous planning and approval.

For seniors to graduate they need to complete their core requirements, major requirements and elective requirements, which usually adds up to about 123 credits.

It is easy to lose track of your classes, which is why every student has an advisor to guide them and to make sure that all of the requirements are fulfilled by second semester senior year.

The registrar also checks out a student’s transcript with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is fulfilled for the big day. However the registrar only begins this auditing process in the beginning of second semester.

The audit letters get sent out in alphabetical order and once a week, each letter is covered. What about the students with the last name Z? They receive their audit letters only a few weeks before graduation.

This can cause a major problem, because if they are missing requirements, how is it possible to fix it only a few weeks before their expected graduation date?

Classes are closed out by this point and the only thing open is individual studies. So a student is forced to either take individual studies courses, which may result in payment, or they will not be able to walk with their class.

It would make more sense if the auditing process could be done first semester of a students senior year, allowing the registrar, advisor and student ample time to fix any problems that they seemingly may run into.

The offices that are in charge of auditing should start the process during fall semester of senior year. That way, students have a sufficient amount of time to speak with whomever they need to get in contact with.

Education majors complete their advising portion of audits their junior year, which allows them to be a part of student teaching second semester senior year.

Every student should have to meet with their advisors second semester junior year in order for the advisor to carefully look over their transcripts.

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Elizabeth Krupka

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