Book review: Poor Little Bitch Girl

By Elizabeth Krupka
August 29, 2010

It’s her same game of murder, sex, and fame, but there are some new players in town.  Jackie Collins’ “Poor Little Bitch Girl” continues to reinvent the unique genre of realism that she likes to put herself in.

It is interesting that this novel is written by a 72 year old woman and it is full of sex and drama.

There is something sexually related on each page from the first to the last.  Even though sex is such a big controversial topic in the novel, it really takes a backburner when the plot really gets going.

Collins is known for having certain characters that overlap into different novels, which isn’t something that readers ususally look forward too. This is because it seemes that you need to be a diehard Collins fan to like her books: Wrong.

Set aside any pre-concieved notions and pick up the book.

Despite having two-mega million superstar parents, Annabelle Maestro chose a different path in life, so she found an alternative way of making her money; being one of the most high-class call girls in all of Manhattan.  She gets all the money she wants along with having a cocaine-dealing boyfriend that buys her everything, which sure helps things.

Even though Annabelle believes that she has everything she wants, her life suddenly comes tumbling down when she receives word that her famous Hollywood mother had been savagely murdered.

Annabelle reunites with her old friend and classmate Denver Jones, who is now a self-proclaimed “hot-shot lawyer.” He assists her in putting an end to the mystery that surrounds her mother’s case and potentially clear her father’s tarnished name.

Even though Denver has a much more serious profession than Annabelle, doesn’t mean she can’t have as much fun. She soon realizes that she is stuck on Bobby Santangelo Stanislopoulos, who is a wealthy shipping heir from their past.

Unfortunately for Denver, she gets some competition when the high-class call girl vies for his attention also.

Collins’ depiction of modern-day political scandals was dead on.  If murder, call girls and love triangles aren’t enough for you, then just get ready because another old friend of Annabelle and Denver is introduced.

Their story-lines take the back seat for a while when Carolyn Henderson comes into play.  She is in pursuit of her dream job in Washington DC.  Those roads lead her to a job that will eventually get her foot in the door, and potentially her face on national news.

She gets a job with a U.S. senator as his personal assistant.  What came out of it was a two-year-long affair with Senator Stoneman, one that if she isn’t careful of his wife, she might find out, and so might the rest of America.

The novel makes any reader want to find out what is going to happen as soon as the plot gets going.  Despite the murder, drugs, and sex scandals, there is nothing that these “Poor Little Bitch Girls” can’t handle, or so they think.

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Elizabeth Krupka

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