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By Elizabeth Krupka
April 11, 2011

The summer is coming up and everyone is starting to pinch pennies for that Kenny Chesney concert. It is going to be a whopping $250. How in God’s name are you going to pay for that? is an app that you can download for Blackberry, Android and iPhones. To start, sign up for on the computer and then link your mint account to your bank account. Once you get to the mint account, you can create different budgets.

So you make $1000 a month. Let’s break that down into different budgets.

Say you only want to spend $350 this month on food (alcohol is also included). Put in $350 under your food budget. Then you are going to cut back and only spend $100 on shopping. Create that budget. Necessities (gas, any other bills, debt) you are allotting $400. That is only $850. You have $150 to go into your savings. will literally send push messages and alert you to how much cash flow you have in your bank account. You can instantly access savings and you can access your checking account.

Then, at the end of the month, a scary pie chart pops up and you can see how much money you have spent and where. is a great savings tool and an efficient way to monitor your habits.

You will be able to pay for that ticket in one month, if you utilize this tool to the fullest. also pushes messages to your phone the way a text message would show up. This is a unique feature for a banking application, however one of the most handy that the application presents. There are no excuses for going over budget when the application is literally sending a message to your phone saying “LOW CASH FLOW.” This may be something that gets irritating, being constantly reminded that your money is low in your bank account. However, you can never say you weren’t warned when you get a $30 over draft charge!


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Elizabeth Krupka

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