Stud/Dud of the week

By Elizabeth Krupka
August 15, 2010

Stud of the Week

Pretty Little Liars season finale. Premiered on Tuesday August 10th and shocked audiences. Even though the show is based very closely on the books by Sara Shephard, the finale had many twists. It had a cliffhanger ending, which is blowing up blogs on the Internet. Fans can’t seem so get enough, they are already counting down the days until the second season starts up in January. The mystery and romance of the show is what keeps audiences captive. This is why Pretty Little Liars finale is the Loquitur’s, stud of the week.

Dud of the Week

Bones episode. Bones is a show that started out as interesting, cutting edge, and had a hint of romance. Now Bones has become simply cheesy. The characters haven’t had any new advancements or accomplishments. Not to mention the writers can’t possibly keep stretching out the sexual tension between the main characters. The show is losing viewers steadily, so either the writers need to take the hint and get fresh ideas, or cancel the show completely. There is no use beating a dead horse.  That is why Bones is the Loquitur’s dud of the week.

Elizabeth Krupka

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