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Delta Xi Phi

Yes we are here and yes we are a real sorority!

App of the Week: American Eagle

American Eagle store just came out with a new app that allows shoppers to access their accounts and get rewards and special offers based on their spending. Along with this app you can shop right from your iPhone or iPod.

Plain White T’s steal the show

Never Shout Never’s headline concert took place on Oct. 19 at the Electric Factory. Christofer Drew Ingle is the front man, who performs with talented back-up musicians to form the band.

Three haunted attractions all in one farm

Arasapha Farms in Glen Mills, Pa. has one of America’s best-ranked haunted attractions known as the Bates Motel.  At the farm, there are three… Read More

The Balancing Act

Babysitting is a huge moneymaker for students. The “Job squad” here helps students find these babysitting jobs through the co-op and career center.

Boot Camp, not your average fitness workout

Bootcamp is enjoyable, creative and has intense workouts which feature strength training, cardio, conditioning exercises and core development.

Hottest Places on the Main Line

There is tons to do at Cabrini but there are also fun places to go outside of the Cabrini campus, in the near by… Read More

Style Freaks

“My favorite color is blue and they are light to work out in,” Matt DiDonato, junior business administration major, said. “These shoes are like… Read More

Disaster hits home

A natural disaster down at the Jersey Shore that no one on the east coast will ever forget. After the hurricane, I drove down… Read More

Lauren Conrad in PA

Lauren stayed until every last person with a wristband got the chance to come up and meet her and have their book signed.

Case of the Giggles

It seemed at last Thursday’s vice presidential debate vice president Joe Biden and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan had a slight case of the… Read More

Inside Cabrini’s new presidential house

President Obama has the White House and now Dr. George has Cabrini House.

Yogurt is So Fun!

So Fun! yogurt is, dare is say, “so fun.”  The “So Fun! experience” is more then your normal frozen yogurt experience. Most first time… Read More

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Mourey, also known by Jenna Marbles, is a YouTube phenomenon.

Autism: an obstacle for life

One out of 166 children will be diagnosed with autism each year. When a child is diagnosed, a family’s life turns upside down and can affect how the rest of their lives will be.

Hit comedy series reborn on silver screen

“21 Jump Street” is a quick-witted action comedy starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. The duo teams up in this action comedy to recreate this story. Originally, “21 Jump Street” was a hit television series from 1987-1991.
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