Boot Camp, not your average fitness workout

By Amanda Toth
October 10, 2011

Fitness classes are a great way to stay in shape and they are offered in the Dixon Center gym every day of the week. They are free for students and some are offered for course credit.

Zumba and P90x were the popular fitness classes last year, but bootcamp camp has created buzz through much of the Cabrini community.

“My friends and I make it a habit to come weekly because not only are we losing weight, but we are also having fun,” Kayla Tindal, junior criminology major, said.

Bootcamp is enjoyable, creative and has  intense workouts which feature strength training, cardio, conditioning exercises and core development.

“I take bootcamp as a dancer and fitness staff attendant at the gym. I really enjoy learning from professionals how to have a healthy, toned and working body,” Jenna LoMenzo, sophomore early elementary and special education major, said.

Bootcamp is held every Tuesday night in the dance and yoga room from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m and the class meets once a week. “I started attending bootcamp because I heard such great things and saw amazing body image results about the class from my peers,” Jillian Koren, junior education major, said.

Bootcamp focuses on a full body workout. They began with running half a mile on the track which is the equalivant to 5 laps, then procedes to sets of suicides, jumps, ball abs, lunges, sprints to help them with their abs, arms and legs.

“Our instructor Dave really works hard to help us lose weight, become more fit, learn how to workout properly and what workouts work best for areas like legs, arms and abs,”  LoMenzo said.

“It is a really nice environment. Nobody laughs at each other, we all laugh and really enjoy something most people dread which is working out.” LoMenzo said.

As fitness class instructor, Dave also teaches spinning class. He was recently hired as a trainer to condition and strengthen the men’s basketball team for their upcoming season.

“Dave is awesome! He is so encouraging and I literally use his techniques and workouts when I’m working out alone,” LoMenzo said.

Dave encourages students to use his free service at the Dixon Center because you will see results and feel so much better about your body.

“It’s truly a great way to have fun while working out and you get to see the results in the end paying off.” LoMenzo said.    “For those who have a hard time motivating yourself this class will motivate you because you won’t ever want to miss a class.”

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Amanda Toth

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