Plain White T’s steal the show

By Amanda Toth
November 1, 2011

Never Shout Never’s headline concert took place on Oct. 19 at the Electric Factory. Christofer Drew Ingle is the front man, who performs with talented back-up musicians to form the band.  The music is described as folky-pop rock and this is his first headlining tour, though he was a featured artist at the Vans Warped Tour.

Although Never Shout Never was the headlining band, the other bands that played are somewhat better known, including Plain White T’s, A Rocket To The Moon and Fake Problems.

The members of Fake Problems fit the rocker persona. They drank beer from the bottle and typical Solo red cups between their songs.  They had a small following that showed their love during their set by screaming and singing along to their songs.

After Fake Problems, A Rocket to the Moon took to the stage.  The band has had two radio hits in the top 40 charts, the most well-known being “Like We Used To.”

They performed “Like We Used To” towards the end of their set.  To announce it, they asked the crowd to help them by singing the words if the they knew them.  At that point the crowd went wild with screams and cheers and began singing along in unison and swayed to the music. A Rocket to the Moon preformed a couple more songs before turning the stage to the Plain White T’s.

The Plain White T’s started off with a completely black stage. The music started low then grew louder.  The crowd knew they were coming on next so they were going wild screaming and cheering.  They opened up with their song “Boomarang” and when they started singing, the lights came on and the crowd got even wilder.

Throughout their whole performance, the crowd participated by singing along to their popular hits.  During the performance of their most popular songs “Hey There Delilah,” “Rhythm of Love,” “Our Time Now,” “Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)” and “1,2,3,4,” the crowd was the most excited.  They sang along, jumped and danced around during those songs.

Although Never Shout Never was the headliner, it seemed that Plain White T’s stole the show before it had even began.

Finally, the headlining Never Shout Never took the stage in complete darkness. Ingle came out on stage and a single light hit him as he let out a puff of smoke. Then, the other lights came up and the band started playing.

The band opened with one of their new songs “Time Travel,” which is also the title of this tour, the title of the new album and the title of the first song on the new album.  “Time Travel” was released on Sept. 20, 2011.

After a very intimate performance, Never Shout Never left the stage and a crowd of screaming fans.  Instantly the “one more song” chant started and Never Shout Never took the stage again.  The encore song was “I love you,” which is one of their biggest hits. After that, the band members started throwing guitar picks into the crowd and the drummer threw both his drumsticks to some lucky fans.


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Amanda Toth

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