Yogurt is So Fun!

By Amanda Toth
September 11, 2012

So Fun! yogurt is, dare is say, “so fun.”  The “So Fun! experience” is more then your normal frozen yogurt experience. Most first time visitors to So Fun! are expecting to go in place an order and get over charged for a small amount of yogurt, however that is not the case at So Fun!

As soon as you walk in the door the always-friendly employees who are eager to assist you welcome you. 

They ask every customer if it is there first time there, unless they remember you from a previous visit, and if you are they explain the way of So Fun!

First you have to get a cup from the stacks of the large cups. Next you pick your flavors of yogurt.

They have different flavors offered daily. You can try as many as you like just be sure to save room for the tons of toppings that you add to your yogurt next.

As soon as you are done picking what flavors you want head over to the toppings, which are right next to the yogurt.  They have every topping you could imagine from the traditional sprinkles and chocolate chips to sour patch kids and fruity pebbles cereal.  

There is hot fudge and hot caramel at the very end with whipped cream for those who want to go all out.

Finally once you have created your yogurt and toppings masterpiece you head to the register to weigh your creation and pay.  The price depends on the weight of the yogurt and toppings in the cup. 

Some people are surprised to see that they may have gone a little overboard on the toppings and yogurt when they get to the weight station so it is a good idea to keep in mind that the more you put on the more it will cost.

So Fun! is located on Lancaster Ave in Wayne. Their prices are affordable for the quality of what you are getting. The setting is fun and trendy there are bright colors decorating the whole store and if you really love So Fun! you can even purchase So Fun! merchandise such as t-shirts.

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Amanda Toth

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