Hottest Places on the Main Line

By Amanda Toth
December 11, 2012

There is tons to do at Cabrini but there are also fun places to go outside of the Cabrini campus, in the near by town of Wayne, Pa.  Mostly students like to spend their time on Lancaster Avenue, which is the main attraction of Wayne, Pa.

Chipotle Mexican Grill – Chipotle serves burritos, tacos and salads at reasonable prices. Their food is fresh and organic. Students enjoy going there for a change from the foods offered on campus. There is in door and outdoor seating which students enjoy.

So Fun Frozen Yogurt – So Fun is a healthy alternative and nice change from boring ice cream.  They have many different flavors and toppings for students to splurge on and design their own yogurt masterpieces.  Groups on campus also do fund raisers here.

Wawa – Wawa is often compared to a 7 eleven for those who are not already familiar with it.  It offers freshly made hoagies, fresh brewed coffee and tea, snacks, drinks and more. It is all very affordable and students love it.  The shuttle on campus brings students here during the shuttle loop.

Anthony Wayne Movie Theater – Anthony Wayne Movie Theater is a historical movie theater that has been entertaining locals for years.  They show the new movies that the larger chain theaters also show. Students can purchase two-dollar movie tickets from the S.E.a.L. office, which is located in Jazzman’s, and enjoy a movie with out blowing a lot of money, as they would go to another movie theater.

Minella’s Diner – Minella’s is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Students go here for late night snacks, or meals and they can get breakfast, lunch or dinner at any time.  Minella’s has baked treats that students rave over. The meals are affordable and worth it.  It is a great place to go when the places on campus are closed.

King of Prussia Mall – Students can’t forget the King of Prussia Mall! Although it is not located in Wayne it is just as close. KOP mall is one of the largest malls in America there are over a hundred stores for students to enjoy there are two buildings that make up the KOP mall and other stores and restaurants surround the premise.  The Cabrini shuttle brings students to and from the mall daily on the shuttle loop.

Amanda Toth

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