Style Freaks

By Amanda Toth
December 11, 2012

“My favorite color is blue and they are light to work out in,” Matt DiDonato, junior business administration major, said.

“These shoes are like our generation: they are very bright and vibrant and flashy. Athletes like Usain Bolt wore them in the olympics.” David Watson, junior education major, said.

“I like them because the colors remind me of Mexico’s holiday of the dead,”  Adrienne Warder, junior education major, said.

“I like these sneakers because the plaid makes it look like they came from two different pairs when really they go together. They are mismatching but matching. It’s kinda cool” Cher Sampson, junior graphic design major.

“I got these because they are easy to put on and they were only $15.” Dana Millio, sophomore undecided major, said.


Amanda Toth

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