Inside Cabrini’s new presidential house

By Amanda Toth
September 13, 2012

President Obama has the White House and now Dr. George has Cabrini House. “$1,400,000. 7,257 square foot home on 3.28 acres of land. 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms” is how the newest edition of Cabrini College is described in the real estate description online.

The Board of Trustees purchased the Presidents new house known as Cabrini House in January 2012 after “a long search that has been on going for many years now,” Dr. George explained in our interview, “I was busy moving in this summer.”

The Board of Trustees had been saving up to purchase a new house for the president of Cabrini as the former president’s residents that was located on Crow Creek, which is currently under contract, “was not suitable for larger gatherings and events that this new residence is capable of having.” Dr George said.

The house will be the home of Dr. George for the remainder of her time as president at Cabrini, then after that the next president will reside in the home as stated in the presidents contract.

35 percent of Cabrini House is for the President and family to reside in while the rest is to be used for the colleges use.  The whole first floor is for the colleges use and all the furniture was transferred from the former home.

“About half the furniture is from the former house. There aren’t many more rooms they are just larger rooms,” Dr. George said.

Dr. Georges part of the house, the part that will always be Cabrini’s presidents quarters, is furnished by Dr. George and her husband and will be furnished by all current presidents as years go on.

Cabrini House is located on Matsonford Road, only a five-minute commute to and from Cabrini.  The house was picked out by the trustees, however Dr. George did get to see it before the final decision was made.

Her opinion was important because as she explained “I know how we use it and I know the different groups that we have coming in, the kind of meetings and receptions that we have had to have here (referring to the mansion), or at others peoples homes because the currant home wasn’t satisfactory for those purposes.

I’m the one that see’s how we use it.” The board, however, were the main searchers of the home “I’m just blessed that I’m currently your president and that I’m occupying it right now but this is really a Trustee decision and their planning over many years to get to this point.” Dr. George said of the home.

Dr. George and the Trustees want to have as many activities at Cabrini House as suitable and able.
Through out august there were events that were already held at Cabrini House such as the Presidents Cabinet for Mass and Dinner, as part of the Cabinet’s annual Summit, new faculty dinner and all faculty reception.

Up coming events include 23 members of student government over for a meeting, 40 members of Administrative Leadership Team over and a kick off meeting of Cabrini Annual Fund Committee, which includes students, alumni, trustees, faculty, parents, staff and athletics.

“This is a wonderful opportunity now we can really bring more students to the house and I want to reach out to as many students as possible” Dr. George hopefully stated.

Dr. George spoke about the property being able to be tented for more outdoor events and activities. “The property gives us so many options and the trustees were very visionary with not only buying the house but buying the house on a piece of property that gives us all this flexibility.”

She sees students as being the ones to really find great uses for this property.  She had the idea “even if we don’t tent is maybe we could put up some volleyball nets and some horseshoes and just have a nice picnic out there or something.”

“I defiantly want to have as many student events and gatherings as possible. That would just make it a ‘real Cabrini House’” Dr. George ended by saying.



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Amanda Toth

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